How to fix a Placo® rail?

How to fix a Placo® rail?

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When mounting a Placo® partition, it is essential to create the metal structure which will be the skeleton by fixing rails to the floor and the ceiling. The fixing of these rails is done according to a certain procedure which differs according to the nature of the floor and the ceiling concerned. In any case, it is essential to have the right tools at hand and to properly prepare your work to properly fix your Placo® rails.

Choosing the right rails

The metal rails make it possible to fix plasterboard plates, this combination then making it possible to quickly partition an interior volume to make it a new room for example. The rails can be fixed at the foot, that is to say to the ground, or at the head, that is to say to the ceiling. They can be named in different ways by the manufacturers. There are the rails: - R48, this designation corresponding to rails with a width of 48 mm; - R70, this designation corresponding to rails with a width of 70 mm. One or the other will be chosen according to the thickness of insulation which one wishes to have.

Prerequisites for fixing Placo® rails

Before you can fix a Placo® rail on a support, it must be prepared. It is therefore essential, before anything else, to clean the walls, the floor or the ceiling and dispose the Placo® sheets in a clean and healthy place. You will then need to use a line to mark the location of the future partition on the ground. Made of a cord and two stakes, the cord will allow you to draw a provisional line on the ground from which you can trace the walls and ceiling using a plumb line and a ruler . Be careful not to forget to provide a space for the future door! You will need some additional tools such as a hacksaw, a level or a screwdriver.

The installation of Placo® rails

First, it is necessary to cut the Placo® rails to the desired size. Then place the rails on the ground and drill every 50 to 60cm. Once this step has been completed, the rails are fixed using hammer plugs which need only be installed with a hammer, or using screws. The ceiling rail is installed in the same way if it is made of hard materials. If it is made of Placo®, the rails will be fixed using two screws installed every 50 to 60cm obliquely. The rails fixed to the wall are installed in the same way as the ceiling rail and fixed to the horizontal rails using Placo® screws. It will then be enough to install vertical uprights in the floor and ceiling rails to create the final metal structure which will support the Placo® plates and lead to a quality Placo® partition.


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