Recipe: Chicken curry with E.zichef & MIX

Recipe: Chicken curry with E.zichef & MIX

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Do you like to cook, but are you worried about accumulating a ton of dishes? Do not panic ! The e.zichef & MIX food processor allows you to prepare, cut and cook your food in a single device. Compact and equipped with many accessories, it helps you easily make multiple recipes, listed on a dedicated app.

The E.zichef & MIX by E.Zicom

Say goodbye to the mountain of containers and utensils you use when entertaining guests. This appliance is multifunctional: it can cook food up to 120 degrees in the classic way or with steam - thanks to the steamer tray with three compartments - but also simmer soups and soups, mix smoothies, beat eggs in snow for bake good cakes, mix ingredients to make your own pancakes, chop meat and vegetables, grind nuts and other dried fruits, emulsify sauces and finally knead bread or pie dough.
A scale is integrated on the red model in order to make your measurements while being able to continue the preparation of food. On the gray model that we tested, there is none, but all the other functionalities are unchanged.
To test this device, I looked for a comforting recipe among the dishes available on the application. With the drop in temperatures, I wanted a good hot dish but also a touch of exoticism, so I decided to make a chicken curry!

The ingredients of chicken curry

- 1 large onion - 2 tablespoons of oil - 700 grams of chicken - 40 cl of coconut milk - 2 cm of fresh ginger - curry - 20 cl of chicken broth - salt and pepper - some fresh coriander leaves - 2 carrots - 2 zucchini

The recipe for chicken curry

Peel the onion and ginger with a knife. Do not like ginger, I decided to use a red onion to enhance the taste. After putting everything in the steel bowl, program Speed ​​6 for 5 seconds.
Add the oil and place the whisk (also called a butterfly) above the propeller in the bowl. Program 3 minutes at a temperature of 80 degrees, Speed ​​1. During this time, you can take your vegetables out of the refrigerator and rinse them.
Cut the tagliatelle of carrots and zucchini, using a peeler, taking care to remove the skin beforehand so that it is more digestible.
Place your prepared vegetables on one of the steam trays delivered with the appliance (the shallower of the two), season with salt and pepper and let stand.
Now get down to business: the chicken! I bought chicken breasts, so that I could cut them more simply, but also because the curry soaks up better in the poultry flesh. Cut the chicken into cubes or pieces about 1.5 cm square. Do not forget to remove the excessively fatty or too nervous parts.
Then pour the coconut milk, the chicken broth (diluted in water upstream) and the curry in the bowl. Program 12 minutes at 90 degrees, Speed ​​1.
Take advantage of this cooking to place your two steam trays (the chicken first, which you will have sprinkled with curry, and the vegetables on top), on the bowl (by removing the lid beforehand) so that they steam . If you like spicy dishes, you can add other spices such as cinnamon, chilli, cardamom or even turmeric. For this first try, I preferred to stick to the curry!
When the timer stops, you can put the chicken pieces in the bowl and program the device again (always at 90 degrees Speed ​​1), but this time for 3 minutes. Thus, the chicken will be more tender because it will have been steamed before soaking in the curry sauce.
The bell rings ... It's ready! All you have to do is serve the meat and the vegetable tagliatelle on a plate. Cover the vegetables with the curry sauce and a few fresh coriander leaves, to flavor but also for the decorative touch. For a more substantial dish, replace the vegetables with white rice, to be steamed in the food processor. The e.zichef has a steam bowl and a clever spatula to be able to remove it without getting burned!

The verdict

The device is very easy to use and allows you to do much more than a conventional robot, without being too bulky and having so many functions that you get lost. It is a good alternative for lovers of cooking and simplicity who do not necessarily have a lot of time to spend behind the stove. The three main parameters are the cooking temperature, the machine speed and the timing. For each step of each recipe, they are specified. No more overcooked meat, sticky rice or dry fish. The recipes are unbeatable! The other big advantage is that these famous recipes are all listed in the e.zichef application, which can be downloaded to your Smartphone. If, like me, you tend to systematically stain your cookbook (especially when the room is narrow), having everything listed on your phone is immediately less cumbersome! In terms of taste, our chicken curry is perfectly tender, not too spicy and simply delicious. The double cooking allowed it to be very soft and fragrant. We even took it twice! However, be careful not to put too much water in the chicken broth so that the sauce is creamy and not too liquid. For vegetables, steaming is ideal because it preserves their crispness. Only downside, the power is quite low and requires a second pass so that all of the tagliatelle is well cooked. Thanks to its suction cups, the robot is fixed on your work plan for better stability, but also to avoid any accident. The bowl is graduated on the inside, which is very practical for quantifying the ingredients. On its cover, there is also a dosing cap which allows measurements to be made quickly. On the accessories side, the robot is easily equipped with a butterfly or a whisk, which is very simply positioned above the chopper in the bowl, to make your preparations more creamy. And for those in a hurry, you can also program a delayed start. E.zichef & MIX, € 429 without scale or € 499 with scale. The device is available on E.Zicom but also in La Redoute, Auchan, Boulanger stores and on Amazon.


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