Before / After: Enhance an interior with vintage decoration

Before / After: Enhance an interior with vintage decoration

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Here is a rather interesting exercise in style, both in its simplicity and in the final result. This huge apartment was almost empty when its owners called on Holly Marder, journalist and interior designer. The accommodation, located in The Hague, was very basicly furnished (bed, table, etc.) because its owners intended it for daily rental. In just two days, Holly Marder has succeeded in bringing together the decoration and the essential accessories to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Demonstration in pictures!

A room with vintage accents

Before : Like everything else in the apartment, the bedroom is almost empty, only furnished with a large double bed. The room still has many advantages, including a beautiful red parquet and lots of light. The main problem that Holly has to face is to give a soul to the room in just 48 hours: it is therefore a question of finding a common thread for the new decoration as well as some emblematic pieces to sublimate the purple color of the floor.
After : Holly Marder opted for simplicity, without renouncing style. The bed is now dressed with sheets and several cushions with refined patterns. Three flagship colors have been chosen so as not to overload the room while maintaining a fresh and retro atmosphere: white, black and shades of brown make up a beautiful neutral palette that harmonizes perfectly with the brick red floor. Next to the bed, the bedside is simply composed of a stool on which is fixed a vintage black workshop lamp. A new rattan boho style bench has been placed opposite the bed to act as a reading corner and extra bench.

Sobriety in the living room

Before : The apartment has a beautiful cathedral living room which acts as both a living room and a dining room. When Holly Marder discovers this huge piece to decorate for the first time, the challenge is daunting! The young woman must indeed refurbish an XXL room while respecting a defined budget.
After : First step: complete the huge 4m long farm table, which will serve as a common table for future guests of this Air Bnb apartment. Holly Marder is inspired by the flea market spirit to create a relaxed atmosphere: a lot of mismatched chairs settles around the table, on which several small decorative accessories (empty pockets, vases, etc.) take place.
In front of the table, Holly fixed a very graphic magazine rack on the wall, and fitted out a small reading area with a rattan armchair in the same boho spirit as that of the bedroom. The young designer also filled the vacant space between the window and the fireplace with a nice antique dresser and some vintage accessories. The living room is now ready to welcome its first guests! More info about Avenue Lifestyle


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