The advantages of the sanibroyeur

The advantages of the sanibroyeur

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A sanibroyeur, also called a toilet grinder, is a device that grinds the different elements that are found in the water of the WC in order to facilitate the evacuation. The sanibroyeur stands out as a real alternative to enjoy WCs where it is not always possible to have them. How does a sanibroyeur work? What are the advantages ? Here are some answers.

Sanibroyeur: how does it work?

A sanibroyeur is a WC with a very classic appearance but which offers a specific evacuation system. These toilets have the particularity of grinding the materials and other elements that are found in the water of the toilets in order to facilitate their evacuation. This stage is made possible thanks to an electric motor which starts up with each flush. The grinder most often consists of a grater or a knife which are activated by the motor. There are two types of grinder: the integrated grinder in the bowl and the independent grinder which adapts to a conventional WC. Both models have a similar operating system.

Adaptable sanibrators

The major advantage of the sanibroyeur is that it can be installed almost anywhere. It can be adapted to pipe conduits whose diameter is less than 100 mm, the minimum size required for a conventional toilet. It can for example be fixed on the pipes of a washbasin, a washing machine or a dishwasher. The sanibroyeur is also recommended in the event of an insufficient slope or in a place far from a waste water outlet. Evacuation can be done up to 50 m horizontally and 7 m vertically.

Find the right sanibroyeur

To choose a grinding toilet, you must determine the type of grinding. There are 3: the centrifugal mill, the mill equipped with a grater and the mill equipped with knives. It should be noted that it is preferable to equip the ducts with a diameter less than 32 mm with a knife mill because the latter are much more efficient. The sanibroyeur models are very close to the classic models. Also, it is possible to opt for conventional toilets, wall-hung toilets or even designer toilets. A grinder toilet is known to be noisy. The sound level is therefore an element to take into account when purchasing a sanibrillator.

Prerequisites and prices

Whether installed in a bathroom, in the attic or in the basement, the sanibroyeur requires an electrical outlet, a water supply, an outlet of at least 22 mm, a stopcock and a check valve. -back to reduce the risk of overflow. It must be connected to the main sewer or septic tank. A grinder toilet costs between 200 € and 800 €. With notions of DIY, it is very easy to assemble a sanibroyeur yourself. Calling on a professional remains highly recommended in order to benefit from his expertise and guarantee the work.


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