Rombini, the new collaboration of the Bouroullec brothers with Mutina

Rombini, the new collaboration of the Bouroullec brothers with Mutina

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Five years after their first collaboration with the Mutina publishing house, the Bouroullec brothers give life to Rombini, a new ceramic collection. Designed as an "alphabet of shapes and colors", these mosaics to be placed on the walls offer endless combinations. Nice discovery.

New decorative favorite signed by the Bouroullec brothers

Since the creation of their design studio in 1999, the two brothers have successfully multiplied decorative collaborations: Ruutu, a collection of blown vases for iittala, Belleville Chair published by Vitra, and, more recently, Serif, an ultra-thin television set developed by Samsung. Constantly inspired, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec today sign Rombini, a magnificent collection of ceramic with 3D effect.

Rombini, when ceramic takes on relief

Like an exploration of the world of matter and color, Rombini is ceramics according to the Bouroullec brothers. The collection is available in a palette of colors dear to the two designers: gray, blue, green, red and white. Available in three versions - square, triangle and rhombus - Rombini invites itself into contemporary interiors like a colorful vibration, capable of giving rhythm and relief to a wall decoration, with style and refinement.

Big names in design around Mutina

Mutina had already called on the two designers for Pico, a collection of small-paned ceramics released in 2011. The Italian publisher regularly associates with big names in design like Patricia Urquiola, Inga Sempè, and Tokujin Yoshioka.
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