Ceiling insulation: the advantages

Ceiling insulation: the advantages

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Good insulation of the ceiling is essential, whether for reasons of economy, comfort or even aesthetics. Good news, whether you have a tight or generous budget, ceiling insulation has become accessible to everyone. tells you all about its benefits.

Sound insulation

No one likes to hear the neighbor's heels click over his head. Note that having plasterboard placed on the ceiling can reduce noise pollution by 50% (count around € 6.63 / m²). The choice of natural seduces you? Think of the natural thermal insulation "wall and ceiling" (about 8.69 € / m²). If your budget allows, consider polyurethane foam, a sound-absorbing material sold in the form of a roll (around € 11.30 / m²). However, there are many other options on the market, such as the cork wall acoustic tiles (to be adapted to the ceiling, count around 30 € for the 50 × 50 tile) and the adhesive insulation panels (around 25,60 € / m²).

Optimized comfort

Who says insulation, says reduction of heat loss and therefore comfort for the whole family. A pleasant advantage in winter (the heat remains trapped in the house) but also in summer (the heat wave does not penetrate inside). Multiple thermal insulators are available: synthetic insulators (expanded or extruded polystyrene, or polyurethane for maximum performance), natural insulators (glass or rock wool, vegetable fibers), or renewable materials (cellulose, perlite, or cork). Each type of insulation, its type of installation, whether it be screw-on panels, rolls to unroll, or composite foam to spray.

Think of the false ceiling

Installing a false ceiling can be a daring solution if you want to hide irregularities or aesthetic flaws in your ceiling. In addition, this option promises interesting results in terms of optimization of acoustic and thermal insulation. Indeed, the false ceiling lowers the height of the room and thus makes it easier to heat it. There are different kinds on the market: the removable one (most often in rock wool, perfect for electrical installations), the plaster model (ideal for wet rooms and complex architectures), or even the model in textile (quick to install and decorative). What is more, the false ceiling dresses a room and allows you to play with volumes.

Do you know the heated ceiling?

It is quite possible to introduce electrical connections in its ceiling to install a radiant heating system (the heat passes through the air to warm the floor, objects, your skin). In addition to providing a feeling of comfort, this installation has the advantage of saving space (no need for radiators), and being more hygienic (the air is not stirred and does not produce dust) . The heating ceiling can be electric, hydraulic or even modular. Count around 80 € per m² in addition to installation by a professional.


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