Tutorial: a candlestick with copper tubes

Tutorial: a candlestick with copper tubes

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Talking about decoration without tackling the themes of "candles" and "copper" would be almost unthinkable today. If you walk through a decoration store, you will easily find whole shelves of copper objects and candles. However, you may not find a copper candle… So if you like these two big trends, learn today how to make a candle holder with copper tubes!

Equipment :

- a copper tube of 200 cm and 12 mm in diameter - five copper tee fittings of 12 mm in diameter - ten 90 ° elbow fittings of 12 mm in diameter - three brass sleeves to screw female 12 mm in diameter - one tube cutter that can open more than 12 mm - three candles - a measuring tape - a news: 739781 cutter - adhesive tape Budget: about 25 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by cutting the following pieces from the copper tube: - 2 pieces of 45 cm - 4 pieces of 6.5 cm - 10 pieces of 6 cm - 3 pieces of 3.5 cm
2. Once the tubes have been cut to the correct dimensions, prepare them for assembly. Our tip: put a small piece of tape at the ends of the tubes to create more resistance and secure them well.
3. The structure of the candlestick will consist of two main parts. - The rectangular base: Take the two 45 cm pieces and add an elbow fitting at each end by turning them in the same direction. Then take two 6.5 cm pieces, and assemble them with a tee fitting. Repeat the operation. Assemble the four pieces to create a rectangle. Tee fittings on both sides should face up. - The candle holder: This part will accommodate the three candles and will have the appearance of a podium with a candle on each step. Attach the following elements in succession: a 6 cm piece facing upwards, a bent connection turned to the right, a 6 cm piece, a tee connection facing upwards, a 6 cm piece, a bent connection turned upwards, a piece of 6 cm, a bent connection turned to the right, a piece of 6 cm, a tee connection turned upwards, a piece of 6 cm, a bent connection turned down, a piece of 6 cm an elbow fitting turned to the right, a piece of 6 cm, a tee fitting turned upwards, a piece of 6 cm, an elbow fitting turned down, a piece of 6 cm. Then attach a 3.5 cm piece on each end of the three tee fittings in this part.
4. Assemble the two parts of the candlestick. With a news: 739781 cutter, cut the base of the candles so that they can enter the brass sleeves to be screwed.
5. Attach the sleeves with the spark plugs to the three ends of the tee fittings.


And there you have it, you made a pretty copper candlestick. Don't you find it much more satisfying than if you had spent hours looking for it in the store (so you might never find it)? And to continue on the theme of copper objects, discover how to make designer coat hooks in wood and copper!

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