The essential maintenance work for the house

The essential maintenance work for the house

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It's time to take good decorative resolutions to give a little facelift to the house. Bringing your cocoon up to date allows you not to get bored. However, we avoid the misery. To do this, some essential maintenance work will enhance your property. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Fight humidity

A few spots appeared on the ceiling? No need to try to hide them under a coat of paint: they will reappear in no time. They testify to the presence of mold due to excess humidity. It is therefore necessary to proceed methodically to clean up your home. Have a CMV installed, clean the ceiling, wait a month or two. If no stain reappears, you have successfully fixed the humidity problem. You can now change the decor of your sanitized room: repaint walls and ceilings, change the curtains, remove the old-fashioned chandelier and replace it with a ramp of adjustable spotlights. Take the opportunity to replace your old radiator with a high-tech design device, ideal for saving energy while improving living comfort.

Modernize the bathroom

Your bathroom is starting to age. The fittings show some signs of weakness: they are continuously dripping. Be aware that this wear phenomenon can represent a daily waste of almost a hundred liters of water. To remedy this, change your taps from another age for a new trendy tap. Aesthetic, design, it guarantees you optimum comfort of use and will considerably reduce your water bill. For the bathtub, choose a thermostatic mixer tap and for the shower, a shower column with massage nozzles. You will have a lot of fun extending your wellness sessions in a fully modernized bathroom.

Rejuvenate the living room walls

The living room wallpaper is depressing you? This is probably the time to offer a facelift to this room where you can not even relax. Whether you decide to install a new wallpaper or go to painting, take this opportunity to check the condition of your walls. The old wall covering must therefore be removed to facilitate your inspection. First, look for any cracks to remedy them before moving on to the decoration button. Apply a smoothing coating on the holes and if necessary specific strips between two plasterboards. Once your wall is perfectly smooth, treat yourself! Paneling, wallpaper with small touches to avoid the total look, painting: everything is allowed as long as harmony reigns supreme and your living room is bright.

Maintain the shutters

If your frames are made of wood, you will need to restore them in order to maintain this noble material. Your shutters have suffered, victims of scorching summers and too rainy spring. If you do not intervene, they may deteriorate. Disassemble your shutters and remove the fittings. These will need a good shot of rust. Then strip varnish and paint, fill in any holes, sand, clean. Apply a first layer of protection and a product treating against insects. It remains to paint a color of your choice in accordance with the standards of your geographic area. Reassemble fittings and shutters: the exterior look of your house is transformed. Do the same with your wooden windows. Our practical DIY videos


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