Tutorial: glass bottles revamped in designer wall vases

Tutorial: glass bottles revamped in designer wall vases

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My first is particularly bulky in the trash, my second takes thousands of years to decompose in nature, I am, I am ... Well, okay, the title of the article may have sold the wick a little too fast! Today, it's glass that we're going to be interested in with a very original idea for recycling empty bottles.


- a wooden batten 50 cm long and at least 2 cm thick (prefer hard wood like beech) - two glass bottles - a saw - an electric drill - wood, concrete and plaster bits - a screwdriver - two 23-29 mm steel spring pliers - two small steel reinforcement brackets - 2 wood screws of about 2 cm - 6 wood screws of about 0.3 mm less than the thickness of the cleat - 4 wood screws of about 5 cm - 4 screws of about 5 cm with dowels adapted to your wall - a pencil Budget: about 20 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by cutting the wooden strip into two 15 cm pieces and two 8 cm pieces using a saw. These will be used to make the wall lights.
2. Form two letters L upside down with the cleats to create brackets to which the bottles will be attached. Position the horizontal base on top and fix it to the other part with two screws as in the photo below. If you use hard wood such as beech, remember to drill a pre-hole with a very fine drill bit to facilitate screwing and not to split the wood. If you use a soft wood like pine, we advise you to solidify the structure by adding small steel brackets as on the photo below. Our tip: if the screws are difficult to screw, rub them on a candle before screwing.

3. Prepare the welcome wall for your future wall lights by drilling holes for the ankles with an electric drill. Then apply the wooden brackets making sure they are perfectly parallel. Be careful not to overtighten the screw between the spring clips and the brackets, at the risk of breaking them. Indeed, it is essential to leave a little play so as not to increase the maximum tension when you fix the bottles. The base of the spring clip should not be flat but should keep the same shape as when it was detached.
4. We're almost there, all you have to do is hang two glass bottles to give them a second life! Add a bottom of water and you will have two beautiful very original wall vases.


All that's missing is the final touch. But if, you know, your personal touch that makes your vases truly unique in the world! Give free rein to your imagination to decorate them. If you are really not inspired, here is our idea: add a knot of rope to them, the nuances go very well with wood and greenery!

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