D-9: Natacha and gifts to the in-laws

D-9: Natacha and gifts to the in-laws

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We had left Natacha at the foot of her tree, to make selfies with Santa hats, here she is again, for our greatest pleasure: today, she is looking for gift ideas for her in-laws ... I love making gifts, so I might as well tell you that the approach of the holidays is for me a real moment of excitement. My imagination sets in motion and I go on endless searches to find THE gift that will please. For children, nothing could be easier, since they have surrounded ALL the toys from ALL the catalogs, I just have to dig. For my darling, I had all year to define what he dreamed of, and after having sorted and removed the wishes of the type "I would like to be Lionnel Messi" or other sports car, I still have two three ideas that fly (and which he had sometimes forgotten to mention his need to own them one day). For the members of my family, similar, I know them, and even if it is sometimes not really very very original, it is at least always useful. And come the inevitable gifts to my in-laws. Luckily, I really like my in-laws, which already makes the challenge more pleasant than nightmarish. Still, it remains the most complicated step for me. As soon as I think about it, I have pressure sweats going up. It is THE gift where you should not be wrong, except that it is certainly the people I know the least. So I have to juggle between the BUT original master key, the easy BUT personalized trick. And that's where I usually start to panic.

1 / Food

Luckily, they are good living and love good things, it opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of filled baskets and boxes of chocolates. So I already started making a magnificent homemade foie gras, when I had never even tried the experience. Helped by a probable external force, it turned out to be rather good, even downright excellent. Don't ask me how, I like to tell you that I didn't have the idea to save the recipe. The concern is that since that day, all my in-laws think that I am an expert in cooking, while I manage to miss frozen pizzas. To want to shine too much, here I am with an inconvenient label that forces me to stick to the stove for hours to prove that their son has indeed fallen into good hands ... The misstep to avoid: the huge box of chocolates, while they are diabetic.

2 / Alcohol

A case of good wine or THE favorite digestive of step-dad, the one he confessed to being his sweet sin in a moment of madness, for example. I learned the lesson and kept the idea in the back of my mind. Until I find out about this alcohol, realizing that it obviously had to have been distilled with gold bars and a few pounds of diamonds to be worth such a price ... I was hesitant to buy the 5cl bottle instead of the pretty collector bottle, suddenly, to say "I think of you but I do not yet love you enough to take out a loan for a bottle". The wrong step to avoid: offer a bottle to a sommelier, we are sure to be wrong, it's a shame.

3 / Clothes

We can start to offer clothes when we really know our parents-in-law and IF and only IF we are sure of their size and taste. We therefore check BEFORE stepmother puts on 44 and not 40 (because annoying stepmom is the worst idea we can have) or that stepdad has a lot of humor for this shirt printed with Kamasutra positions (yes, it is very small, but at some point, he will realize it).

4 / decoration

Quit or double: either we are really good at this little game and we just type, in the right register and good taste, or we plant ourselves in beauty with, in addition, the image of the step-daughter who suggests that they have a decor really more than bof. I don't even dare imagine venturing into it. Bonus: - Handmade: on this one, I pass my turn, when you see what I am capable of subjecting to an origami, I strongly doubt the result of a scarf knitted by me. - The wink: a beautiful key chain for the sister-in-law who has just signed her very first lease, a photo album of their last trip whose photos were stuck on their Facebook or a cap of the favorite football club , a bouquet of flowers in favorite colors. "Little" things that hit the target, every time! And then, after all, huh, as they say, it is the intention that counts. If you really doubt, you can always make a diversion with a magnificent drawing of your heir that you almost did not force to write "Merry Christmas Grandpa and Grandma whom I love very much".
Did you like Natacha's adventures? Share the photos of your Christmas tree - selfie mode or not - with us on Instagram! And don't forget to play our great Advent contest: today, you can try to win a Candy wine cellar, to give to your in-laws or to keep for yourself, just to recover from Christmas…


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