Tips for picking your holiday decoration in your garden

Tips for picking your holiday decoration in your garden

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You don't always think about it, but the garden is home to a multitude of little wonders for party decorations. Branches, ivy, holly, mistletoe, but also moss, pine cones are among the natural elements that we like to put on the festive table, at the front door or near the fireplace. To be used as is or to paint in Christmas colors, they are second to none to create delightful compositions. Take inspiration from the ideas of Camille, a creative craftsman we met at a Christmas Market in Touraine.

: All your Christmas decorations have one thing in common: they evoke nature.

Camille: Indeed, nature offers us everything we need to beautifully decorate our home. In these end of year periods, we do not necessarily have the time or the means to run the stores to buy decorations. This is why I want to give people the desire to create a magical atmosphere with three little things.

: What are the elements of the garden that symbolize Christmas?

Camille: The fir branch of course, but there is also holly and mistletoe. One for renewal, the other for good luck and the third for immortality. As holly berries are toxic, we avoid using them to decorate the Christmas log and we rather keep them to garnish the front door. It's the same thing with mistletoe berries. It is easy to make beautiful compositions or a wreath by adding to these plant decorations ribbons or a few Christmas balls.

: For a more floral side, what can we pick from the garden in winter?

Camille: The rose hips which is none other than the false fruit of the rose bush! It is often used in party decoration. We marry it with ivy to decorate the table. Associated with ornamental garlic flowers, it is also used to make Christmas bouquets. Nothing prevents you from painting the stems with a silver or gold paint or coloring the heads with a spray paint. All these dried flowers will look lovely in a large vase.

: What do you recommend to replace traditional Christmas balls?

Camille: The pine cone turns into a Christmas ball! Thanks to its light weight, it can be hung on the branches of the Christmas tree. Covered in glitter for some, painted red or white for others, the pine cones are irresistible.

: Do you think there are other treasures in the garden for making a centerpiece?

Camille: Take a morning walk in the garden, in the forest or in the fields. It is amazing to find so many decorative ideas to pick for your party table or just to pick up. Small birch branches and dogwood twigs can be combined with a handful of moss, ivy and a few pine cones. Then simply place these plant elements in a pretty dish or basket to fill with earth where you will just have to prick your decorations. Finally add a few cinnamon sprigs, dried orange slices and a small LED garland. Do not hesitate to entrust this task to children who always show an overflowing imagination!