10 tips to simplify the Christmas meal

10 tips to simplify the Christmas meal

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Often, preparing New Years Eve dinner means not seeing your evening guests! But, if you go far enough in advance, you can make a good meal without stressing yourself out. Here are our tips to avoid spending all your time in the kitchen on December 24!

Be pragmatic before Christmas

Prepare your Christmas menu in advance by inquiring well in advance if some of your guests have intolerances or allergies, to avoid preparing a dish at the last minute! Once your list is made, shop as soon as possible and take the opportunity to buy bottles of wine and champagne.

Thinking about disposable decoration

If you prepare the Christmas Eve meal by yourself, you may not have enough time to decorate your table and your interior. Instead of investing in sustainable decoration, buy a nice set of plates and disposable decor elements. In addition, it will save you from doing the dishes!

Buffet instead of dinner at the table

If you have invited a large number of people over Christmas, swap the traditional dinner at the table for an equally friendly buffet. This will allow you to serve several cold and hot entrees and dishes and several desserts. Everyone will use as they see fit.

Invite your guests

Ask your guests to participate in the dinner by bringing something they do not need to prepare such as cheeses, which you will just have to prepare on a tray, a bottle of champagne for dessert or even aperitif cookies to wait before going to the table.

Optimizing dinner preparation

For the aperitif, do not spread toast as you are used to, but prepare a plate of toast and dips next to it. You will save precious time.

Forget the oysters!

Choose scallops to bake in their shell rather than oysters, which take a long time to be opened! And then it will save you from having an accident and having a quick trip to the emergency room at midnight…

Prepare your turkey the day before

Have you decided to make a turkey for Christmas? Do not forget to buy it a few days before, to empty it and to prepare it between 24 and 48 hours before putting it in the oven. You will save considerable time in the kitchen on December 24.

Don't skimp on the quantity

If you're afraid of missing out, make a gratin dauphinois or vegetables as a side dish. It's simple and quick to do. Be generous in the proportions so that the greediest can refill themselves.

Make a dessert easily

Opt for a store-bought frozen log, which you will take out of the freezer at the last moment. If you are making Christmas cookies, simply use a crystal glass foot to make patterns on them. With cookie cutters, you can also make cakes of original shapes.

Prepare a (simple) menu for children

Are you expecting many children for Christmas Eve? Prepare a table just for them with a special menu, simple and fun. Make a snowman-shaped pizza and a Santa-shaped dessert with strawberries and whipped cream.