I decorate my Christmas table for less than 100 euros

I decorate my Christmas table for less than 100 euros

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You have no ideas to decorate your Christmas table this year? To make your life easier in this busy month of December, you have put together a selection of several decorative objects and accessories to set up a nice table for your Christmas Eve. All for less than 100 euros, a reasonable budget to amaze your guests.

Decorative and reusable accessories

If you have decided to organize the traditional Christmas meal at home, you can quickly spend a tidy sum of money, especially if you are cooking for your table. Regarding your table decor, no need to exceed 100 euros! There are many decorative items or small quality and economical accessories in the Christmas spirit. And the advantage of buying these mid-range products is that in addition to respecting your budget, you can reuse them next year or the following ones.
1. Porcelain towel holder, € 14.90 at Le Cellier / 2. Candle in the shape of a Christmas tree, € 15.90 at Delamaison / 3. Ceramic Santa Claus decoration, to place on the table, 7.99 € at Ikea

Table and household linen for Christmas

Whether it is household linen such as a Christmas tablecloth or an original table runner, or a table setting made up of golden angels, there is something for everyone! Depending on the size of your dining table and the number of people you receive for Christmas Eve, it is up to you to choose a centerpiece or several elements to place on your furniture, such as candles in the shape of a fir tree. Also consider buying pretty vintage towels and a matching towel rack, so you don't put anything on your dishes.
1. White Christmas tablecloth with golden embroidery, € 75.95 at Pro Idée / 2. Lot of four golden angels, € 3.99 at Eminza / 3. Twelve vintage paper napkins, € 3.99 at L'Atelier de Lucy .

Chic and inexpensive dishes

1. Decorative Christmas plate with three candle jars, € 18.50 at Izaneo / 2. Centerpiece € 26.61 at Amazon / 3. White and red "Christmas" table runner, € 12 at Festi Fun.