The advantages of the glass door

The advantages of the glass door

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Guaranteeing security and privacy for everyone, a decorative element in its own right, the front door provides many functions. If for some, it seems unimportant, it is nevertheless the first thing that our guests see when they come to visit us and is often a reflection of our interior decoration. However, choosing a door suitable for your home is not always easy. Between the solid door, the glass door, the semi-open, sliding or even cut-off door, it is not always easy to navigate since the choice is vast. And when, in addition, the parameters of solidity and aesthetics come into account, this can then become mission impossible. To help you make the right choice, the editorial staff of decided to present you the advantages of the glass door. Focus!

A pleasantly lit house

Unlike a conventional door without glazing, the glazed door significantly increases the brightness of the entrance or in the room it dresses and this in the most natural way possible. It is also particularly recommended by fans of Feng shui. The semi-open door, on the other hand, is an ideal choice that reconciles the advantages of traditional entry doors and glass ones. The qualities linked to insulation and lighting are indeed guaranteed. In addition, they allow you to take full advantage of the exterior panorama. And, if you are lucky enough to have a sea view, then this is literally paradise! Bonus, glass doors are available today in many styles, colors and materials. Color, finish or size… the customization palette is constantly enriched to meet everyone's needs and desires.

Exceptional design

The glass door also has the advantage of being more aesthetic than a conventional solid door. Indeed, the glass can be adorned with many decorations or patterns that will make all the difference. Demolished glass, serigraphy, granite, tinted or not ... there are many models available on the market. Likewise, many manufacturing materials exist: in PVC for more robustness, in aluminum for a design side, in wood to enhance the charm of the facade, in composite for a perfect acoustic insulation, in metal to resist all aggressions or entirely in glass, the choice is yours.

Energy benefits

Of course, the glass doors cannot compete with the XXL bay windows, nevertheless certain models and more particularly those of the semi-open type, allow the rooms to be heated in natural light. As a result, heating consumption can be reduced. Likewise, they can have the ability to insulate the room and keep it fresh, when summer comes, thanks to their thermal insulation.

Savings thanks to the tax credit

Good to know, some models are eligible for the energy transition tax credit. These allow you to reduce your bill by 30%. A sum far from negligible when you know that the price of a door varies between 200 euros and more than 5000 euros.