4 ideas to transform my kitchen utensils into Christmas decor

4 ideas to transform my kitchen utensils into Christmas decor

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Do you bring out your eternal Christmas decoration every year, which hasn't changed in ten years? It's time to modernize your decorative accessories to surprise your guests on New Years Eve! has spotted for you unusual ideas to divert your kitchen utensils and everyday objects to make them Holiday decorations!

Use clothespins to create objects

The wooden clothespins are very useful for creating all kinds of objects very easily. You can paint them, stick them, give them different forms ... All while involving your children! Make a garland of little angels or a Christmas wreath to hang on your door, for example, by painting your clothespins in several green tones.

Decorate a room with cutlery

Replace Christmas socks with oven mitts! You can store utensils in it while waiting to slip gifts! Place them around a kitchen island or play the diversion card thoroughly by hanging them above the fireplace. To create original gift packages, make pouches with scraps of fabric and close them with small wooden cutlery.

Enchant your interior with jars

Is your kitchen overflowing with empty jars? Use them to decorate your living room during the Holidays! Fill them with colorful figurines or Christmas balls. You can also place cotton at the bottom of the jar, before adding a light garland for a more cocooning style. Ideal for small budgets.

Use wooden utensils as interior decoration

Wooden spoons, rolling pin ... So many kitchen utensils that we do not necessarily use every day but which can be transformed into decorative objects during Christmas! Whether they are arranged in a jar to give a charm of yesteryear to your interior or even that they transform into a frame to hang on the wall, they will surprise your guests! Also think of diverting light bulbs to make little snowmen, by filling them with beads before painting them!