10 (fake) treats to hang on the tree

10 (fake) treats to hang on the tree

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This year, it says: Christmas will shine under the sign of gluttony! To make young and old dream, the tree is adorned with cakes and pastries, candies and barley sugars ... as real as life. Follow our shopping guide for a unique and tasty party decoration!

Appetite your guests

To change traditional round balls and red and green suspensions, why not bet on fake delicacies? An original and fun way to decorate your tree while appetizing your guests before the big festive meal. Perfectly imitated or on the contrary very stylized, the cakes, various pastries and sweets mix perfectly with the traditional garlands to embellish the tree and the house with a gourmet touch. And for the humorous wink, you can completely slide real cakes and delicacies among the false suspensions! Your guests will only have to be very attentive to detect the real imitations ...

Choose a gourmet theme

Like the big decoration brands, which each year present a special collection of themed parties, opt for a well-defined red thread that will guide you in your decorative choices. If you have a penchant for traditional Christmas, bet on (fake) barley sugars, gingerbread suspensions and red, white and green sweets. For 2015, the Habitat brand has also transformed its stores into an enchanted confectionery, dotted with a multitude of lollipops, cupcakes, macaroons, marshmallows, and cookies of all kinds, ideal for a classic Christmas! If you are, on the contrary, attracted by the more graphic atmospheres, head for the fake colorful, glittery and modern pastries, which will transform your tree into a tree with tasty treats and totally in tune with the times.
1. Red Cupcake pendant € 3.99 Eminza / 2. Red and white garland "Candies" € 9.99 Maisons du Monde / 3. Lot of 8 gourmet tongs € 3.99 Price Minister / 4. 12 Hanging glass foil € 23.98 Maisons du Monde / 5. Ginger Gingerbread house € 3.90 Habitat / 6. 8 cupcake pendant lights in golden glass € 15.92 Maisons du Monde / 7. 12 Biscuit man decorations € 35.88 Maisons du Monde / 8. Boxes of barley sugar cane to hang Well Eat / 9. Set of 4 barley sugar suspensions € 3.87 Badaboum / 10. Box of 2 Christmas hearts € 11.90 Comptoir de Famille