Muji: 20,000 euros for a minimalist house

Muji: 20,000 euros for a minimalist house

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During the Tokyo design week which ended at the end of October, visitors were able to discover three funny houses on display in the garden of Tokyo Midtown. These "tiny-houses" as they are now called, are the work of the Muji brand, whose catalog has until now been devoted to furniture and home accessories. The Japanese brand is now expanding its range by offering real homes to assemble yourself, all at very low prices!

Muji or the Zen way of life

Muji is the first Japanese chain devoted to the world of decoration, the success of which has far exceeded the borders of Japan. Founded in 1980 in Tokyo, it offers a full range of home items characterized by their minimalist lines, from recycling and not stamped with logos. The very principle of the brand consists in offering original and unbranded products as indicated by its name in Japanese which means "good unbranded products".
Over the years, Muji has expanded its catalog, which now includes small furniture, household linen, accessories for cooking and daily life, but also products dedicated to travel (suitcases, rest masks, pillows, etc.) offered under the name Muji to Go. Each product is designed with an ultra minimalist design, eliminating any unnecessary decoration or packaging. A concept that increases its success from year to year and attracts more individuals every day!

Houses within everyone's reach!

Wishing to expand its product range, the CEO of Muji made the crazy bet of integrating into the catalog three models of houses to assemble yourself. These "tiny-houses", with the appearance of cabins, were imagined by three professionals from the world of design: the Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the German Konstantin Grcic and the English designer Jasper Morrison. Each of them has designed a prefabricated house model according to the principle of eco-responsibility, based on a mixture of Japanese aesthetics and American "hut" in order to symbolize the return to nature and a ascetic simplicity.
Built in durable materials, such as cork or wood, these small living spaces are nonetheless functional and well thought out. Except for Konstantin Grcic's cabin, all of them have a bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Their decoration is like Muji products, simple, design and minimalist! But the biggest revolution of this launch undoubtedly resides in the proposed prices, displayed between 3 and 5 million yen or from 22,700 € to 38,000 €. The three models will be marketed in Japan during 2017, hoping to see them one day set up in France!