Before / After: an old workshop transformed into a dream loft!

Before / After: an old workshop transformed into a dream loft!

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Who would not dream of putting their suitcases in an old workshop, with XXL bay windows and exposed beams? Although increasingly rare, there are still some of these old buildings, formerly dedicated to industry or creation. The Archik agency, specialized in the sale and renovation of atypical goods, was able to find one of these coveted places to transform it into a cozy and functional loft. Metamorphosis into images.

Highlight industrial architecture

Before: When the owner of this former workshop entrusts his property for sale to the Archik agency, the interior designers discover a place with the typical framework of industrial buildings, unfortunately left abandoned for several years. There is an indescribable disorder, accentuated by a multitude of rubble strewn on the ground. The building badly needs to be insulated and secured, but also brought up to standards from the electrical and sanitary point of view. Despite these major drawbacks, the architectural elements suggest a building of exceptional aesthetics! After : Many works were necessary to bring the interior up to standards and make it habitable. The architects of the Archik agency have chosen to keep the framework of the building bare in order to highlight the industrial past of the place. The raw materials are here in the spotlight through the metal elements (ipn, stairs, walkway ...), stone, leather and wood. An aerial layout, with a single room above which the bedroom is located, has been privileged: the loft spirit is indeed present in every corner of the house!

Simple and friendly cuisine

Before : The kitchen is separated from the rest of the workshop by a partition. Spacious but poorly appointed, it lacks storage and consistency compared to the rest of the building. On the floor and on the credenza, an old-fashioned tiling gives it a dirty and worn look.
After : The partitions were knocked down in order to open the kitchen to the living room. Only the polished concrete floor now delimits the space dedicated to meal preparation, which has become clearer and more user-friendly. A large kitchen island has been added between the kitchen and the living room to serve as a dining table, bar and worktop. Here again, we find the key elements of the industrial style: stainless steel cooking piano, fifties refrigerator, metal shades and polished concrete floor.

Look after the decoration

Before : No style in the old workshop since the latter has been abandoned for several years. However, the architectural elements already give the building a very particular elegance, which suffices to enhance through a solid renovation and careful decoration. After : The workshop windows have been replaced to provide good insulation in the house. The walls have been left rough, simply scraped and cleaned to remove the old traces of plaster. The architects of the Archik agency have sanded and glazed the parquet, whose solid wood warms the interior atmosphere a bit monastic. Under the huge main window, new shelves act as a library, transforming the living room into a pleasant living room. In terms of decoration, the new owners have opted for a mix of old and recent furniture, with pretty club armchairs next to the "Ghost" chairs designed by Philippe Stark.