DIY gift idea: making notebooks with Japanese bindings

DIY gift idea: making notebooks with Japanese bindings

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I love little notebooks! And therefore, I love being offered it! So I tell myself that I must not be the only one to love this kind of small gifts ... and even more so if they are handmade, with love! I recently discovered how to make very pretty notebooks with the Japanese bookbinding method. Even if it does not seem that easy at first, do not be fooled by the appearance: it is enough above all to have a little patience ... The Japanese binding is full of charm, it is really worth the hardly that we linger a little. Once you understand the logic of the making, you will see that you will want to make lots of small notebooks. You can vary the dimensions and play with the size and position of the binding! That's a good idea for homemade gifts, isn't it? So, do you want to try? I tell you right away what you need and how to do it: For a notebook opening on the top, format 14 x 9 cm: - a sheet of plain cardstock (it must be thick enough : it will be used for the cover and the back of the notebook) - a sheet of fine patterned paper (I often use Japanese papers (for origami) because I really like their patterns) - several classic A4 white sheets - a small piece of card stock to make the drilling template - cotton thread - 2 or 3 beads for finishing - a ruler and a pencil - a news: 739781 cutter or a paper cutter - a punch pliers - drawing pliers to hold the sheets - varnish and a brush to apply it - a large needle - a folding board or a folder (optional)


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