Ecological renovation: solar panels and tax credit

Ecological renovation: solar panels and tax credit

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Allowing electricity to be produced using solar energy, solar panels are now a good way for French households to save energy in their homes while working for sustainable development. Do you want to opt for an energy system based on solar collectors? Do you wonder about the aid that may be granted to you? takes stock of eligible models and aid granted until December 31, 2016 thanks to the energy transition tax credit (CITE). Focus!

Reduce your energy production thanks to CITE

At a time when renewable energy is being promoted, some countries like France have chosen to adopt measures to encourage individuals to install equipment for producing energy from renewable energies on the roof of their homes. Among these measures is the energy transition tax credit, also called CITE, which since September 2014 replaces the tax credit for sustainable development (CIDD).

Can I benefit from a tax credit by installing solar panels?

If since the 2005 finance law, it was possible to obtain a tax credit by justifying the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on your home, this is no longer the case since January 1, 2014. Since that date , only domestic wind turbines and combined solar systems are concerned by this device. Fixed at 50% when it appeared, the tax credit gradually fell to 30% on January 1, 2014. This 30% tax credit applies to the total amount of the equipment, after deduction of other aid, and on a maximum amount of 8,000 euros per person (16,000 euros for a couple). Also be aware that you can benefit from a 10% VAT rate for the material and installation. Please note, to benefit from this VAT reduction, the work undertaken must not, over a period of 2 years, refurbish more than 2/3 of the finishing elements. Here, it is about external doorframes, electrical, sanitary and heating installations.
Good to know: since the 2014 finance law, the eligibility of the installation of solar panels to the tax credit for the energy transition having been removed, it is no longer possible to benefit from VAT at 5.5% as for the installation of a solar water heater. Also note that an anti-abuse measure plans to retroactively remove the tax credit previously granted to hybrid solar panels (photovoltaic + thermal) as well as all "mixed equipment combining eligible equipment and non-eligible equipment, electricity generation using the sun's radiant energy. "


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