10 pretty frames for your photos

10 pretty frames for your photos

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Because it's not just digital in life, don't leave your souvenir photos in a drawer. For a personal decoration, there is no better than your own photos highlighted in a pretty frame! Proudly display your photos taken with a film camera or have them printed to frame them and personalize your interior. The traditional photo frame is often more original and more decorative than a digital photo frame, especially since the choice is vast… Baroque, jewel, leather, design or floral, the choice is yours!

A frame in keeping with my decor

The photo frame is one of the easiest accessories to match with its decoration, in addition to being very affordable in terms of price. You can choose it with a simple and graphic appearance, even very colorful, if your interior is rather design. Opt for a more worked look if your room has a vintage or country style. Alone or grouped with other frames, small mirrors or wall decorations, it adorns the walls in style and changes as you wish!

Graphic gallery

Do not hesitate to play with your frames to transform your interior into a personalized photo gallery. The mismatched hangings, made with several frames of different formats and colors, are very popular now. You can also opt for a graphic hanging by choosing several frames of the same format and the same color, which you have geometrically (aligned in a corridor, or in a square above the sofa for example). Play without complex with formats, materials and colors, and give free rein to your imagination to personalize your room with your travel photos or pretty family portraits!
1. Umbra Art Luna photo frame € 60 Priceminister 2. 5-position photo frame aged effect € 18.49 AC Deco 3. Glass and brass frame with chain € 60 Wadiga 4. Shabby chic frame € 23.95 La Redoute 5. Frame wooden house photo € 14.90 Cyrillus 6. Red Optimo photo frame € 1.90 CDiscount 7. Wooden photo frame 9 views € 26.99 Maisons du Monde 8. Ung Drill frame € 26 Ikea 9; Photo frame with pins 89 € Maison & Style 10. Photo frame Parenthèse 19 € Saulaie Our creative leisure videos