Should we water in winter?

Should we water in winter?

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You are a bit disoriented in front of your garden which, let's face it, displays a somewhat sad face at the start of winter. Your major question concerns the watering of different plants in this season when nature seems to need nothing. Is watering necessary in winter? Charly de Jardiland answers our questions and explains to us what the water needs of plants are from November to February.

It is often said that during the coldest months, nature rests. Is it then necessary to water in winter?

The rules for watering in winter are not the same for all plants. It is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant to water only certain plants and leave others to winter. In many cases, if you are observant, it is quite easy to determine the water requirements of a plant in winter. One thing is certain, the young plantations planted at the end of the summer need to be watered during the winter if it does not rain because their rooting is very recent.

Should the vegetable garden be watered in winter?

If nothing is grown there, watering is really useless and represents, in this case, an indisputable waste. On the other hand, if you have a full field vegetable patch or a vegetable patch where spinach, winter salads or Brussels sprouts and headed cabbage are in full production, the watering can should not be stored. Vegetables need water to grow. However, it is essential to watch the weather! We therefore water in winter in dry weather only, and not in the evening because the risk of frost is frequent at this time of the year. Roots trapped in freshly watered soil may suffer as a result. Finally, note that an excess of water on mulched soil attracts snails. Mulching is therefore not always a good solution in the vegetable garden, and to limit watering, it is better to scratch the soil from time to time so that it stays fresh longer.

Is winter watering useful in the pleasure garden?

In the pleasure garden, the logic is the same as for the vegetable garden. Take for example the chrysanthemum which is a perennial plant with winter flowering. It needs to be watered in winter if it is not raining. This is also the case for heather, pansy, hellebore, better known by the common name of Christmas rose, and even certain varieties of primroses. Watering should be moderate for flowers that thrive in the ground, and a little more sustained but not excessive throughout the winter for pots, flower boxes and flower boxes.

Should evergreen shrubs be watered in winter?

We tend to forget to water evergreen shrubs during the winter. This is very unfortunate because the plants sweat, which causes a loss of water. Winter watering is therefore essential to compensate for this evapotranspiration. Twice a month, you can water lavender, boxwood, mahonias or rhododendrons moderately if the temperatures are mild and the weather is dry. You will benefit from a generously colored nature even when the snow has covered the garden.