Which works qualify for the Prime Energy?

Which works qualify for the Prime Energy?

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As with any device set up to help finance energy efficiency works, the Energy Premium or EWC premium can be obtained by individuals, companies, communities, an SCI, provided that eligible work is carried out. Also clearly defined are the technical performances of equipment and materials aimed at making housing more energy efficient and improving environmental quality.

Works eligible for the Prime Energy

Variable from one energy supplier to another, the EEC premium (Energy Savings Certificates) can only be obtained for work aimed at making a building more economical. In the residential sector, for example, work eligible for the EWC premium must concern ventilation, window insulation, heating and hot water distribution systems, lighting, or even heat emitters and regulators. . The list is long because almost three hundred operations allow to benefit from a bonus of Energy Saving Certificates. But whether you want to install a thermostatic valve at home, insulate your floor, install a condensing boiler, all work must be carried out by a professional RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), company or craftsman.

Equipment and materials eligible for the Energy Savings Certificate Premium

In the residential sector, equipment and materials must also be truly energy efficient. It can be water-saving systems, refrigerators, washing machines. Are also concerned: windows and their glazing, insulating closures, insulation material for roofs and roof terraces, attics, low floors and walls, boilers and water heaters, biomass heaters, heat recovery unit, connection to the heating network of a residential building. This diversity allows real rehabilitation of the building stock in perfect correlation with the measures put in place. These have the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, promoting renewable energies, making housing more comfortable.

Which EWC premium to choose?

Whether it is called the Energy premium, the eco-works premium or the Eco-prime, it is necessarily linked to the system of Energy Saving Certificates. Any building can therefore be the subject of an energy renovation, whether residential, industrial, tertiary, agricultural. The owner - contracting authority - has every interest in meeting beforehand a specialist adviser in the conditions for granting an EWC premium long before having given his agreement to the RGE company in charge of the works. Otherwise, he loses the benefit of the Energy premium.

Compare Energy premiums before starting work

By benefiting from an Energy bonus, the client can significantly reduce the cost of energy renovation works. It might as well be a strategy for the savings to be more substantial. This is why it is recommended to compare the EWC premiums offered by the obligated, that is to say the energy supplier-resellers. They are free to set the amount freely. However, for the same renovation, the differences in Energy premiums according to suppliers can be very significant. A large number of equipment departments, trade and industry centers, local authorities, use online comparators of Energy premiums and encourage consumers to opt for reliable and independent collaborative platforms like NR-PRO.