Tutorial: an original mirror with diverted plastic spoons

Tutorial: an original mirror with diverted plastic spoons

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Are you looking for an original and fun DIY idea to occupy a Wednesday afternoon with your children? Prepare to make a small stock of plastic spoons, the following tutorial should please you! Today we are going to learn how to make a colorful and flowery mirror with plastic spoons.


- a jigsaw - a glue gun - a square - a fine board of MDF 25 x 25 cm - a round mirror 15 cm in diameter - about 150 small plastic spoons - two spray cans with close shades (of preferably low pressure) - news: 739781 cutter - a tube of Super Glue type instant glue - a pencil Budget: around 30 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by tracing the outline of the mirror by placing it exactly in the center of the 25 x 25 cm square. Then draw a 25 cm diameter circle on the board. Our tip: to draw a circle easily, nail a nail in the center and use a string at the end of which you position a pencil at the distance corresponding to the desired radius.
2. Cut out the 25 cm diameter circle using a jigsaw.
3. Cut the handle of the spoons with an actu: 739781 cutter, then fix them on the cut circle, starting at the edge. To fix them, put a point of glue on the base of the hollow end.
4. Continue row by row until you reach the edge of the mirror.
5. We will now paint the mirror with a gradient effect. To start, apply a coat of the darkest shade everywhere. To paint, position the bomb about 20 cm from the spoons, then make regular circular movements. Our tip: spray cans sold in stores specializing in street art are cheaper and better suited to this type of use than those sold in DIY stores. Their low pressure facilitates handling and allows greater precision.
6. Apply a coat of the clearest paint in circular motions from the center to half the rows.
7. Attach the mirror to its location.


Your mirror is now finished, it throws away, doesn't it? Don't be surprised if your guests launch a "mirror my beautiful mirror, tell me who made you"!

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