I decorate my tree for less than 20 euros

I decorate my tree for less than 20 euros

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Christmas is fast approaching and with the holiday season the beautifully decorated lounges are arriving. The essential element of a successful decoration: a well decorated tree. This year, exit the decorations that you have brought out from the back of a closet for 10 years, you want something new only, you don't have a huge budget. We offer three sets of decorative elements for your tree, each for less than € 20.

A traditional tree

When you bought your first Christmas decorations, you had bet on originality. Do you want tradition this year? Fall for these pretty red bows to hang on the branches of your tree, they will be a nice reminder of the gifts wrapped and arranged for the whole family under its foliage. Enhance everything with a pretty golden garland and red and white painted wooden decorations.
1. Golden garland, € 2.99 each at Tati / 2. Decorative elements in painted wood, € 10.99 for eight at Delamaison / 3. Lot of five red knots, € 3.99 at Eminza

Christmas under the snow

Sprinkle your tree with pretty little snow-covered stars that will highlight a light garland and Lilac Christmas balls. With such a combo, no need for fake snow, your Christmas tree will sparkle as after the first fall of winter.
1. Lot of 48 snow-covered Christmas stars, € 4.99 at Izaneo / 2. Lot of 16 Lilac Christmas balls, € 2.50 at Izaneo / 3. Light garland, € 3.32 at Price Minister

A touch of magic

Sometimes you have to know how to dare to load your tree. With this assortment of 81 metal balls, a beautiful shining star at the top of the tree, all sprinkled with hair of sparkling angels, give your living room a pretty magical touch.
1. Angel hair, € 1.99 at Price Minister / 2. Assortment of 81 metallic Christmas balls, € 11 at 3 Suisses / 3. Spangled star point crest, € 2.99 at Shopix