Ecological renovation: insert and tax credit

Ecological renovation: insert and tax credit

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The fireplace insert is a heating solution that offers multiple advantages. By transforming a traditional open fireplace into a closed fireplace, it allows more heat to be diffused into the home. A special feature that allows people who have acquired this type of equipment to achieve lasting energy savings and thus makes it an ecological heating system eligible for the tax credit for the energy transition. What are the main advantages of this type of installation? What is the point of fireplace inserts? The editorial team answers you!

Why install a fireplace insert in your home?

The main advantage of such an installation is its efficiency. While an open hearth has an efficiency of 15%, the chimney insert is capable of restoring, through combustion, between 70 and 80% of the heat generated. These performances allow it to be used as a full-fledged heating mode, provided that you choose a suitable model.
The second advantage of the insert is its great autonomy. Many models indeed allow to benefit from 10 hours of minimum autonomy for optimal comfort in the home. Safety is also one of the big plus points of the fireplace insert. It does not need to be constantly monitored as is the case for open fireplaces and thus helps limit the risk of fire. Bonus: the risk of smoking is eliminated because the combustion fumes are eliminated by a duct provided for this purpose. And icing on the cake, in the case of young children, it greatly limits the risk of accident.
This type of installation leaves the individual free choice of fuel. Wood pellets or logs, everyone is free to choose the fuel they prefer. It would therefore be a shame not to be tempted!

Tax credit: a limited installation cost

One of the major advantages of the insert is that its installation does not require heavy work. There is indeed a wide variety of models on the market that allow everyone to find one that adapts to the shape of their fireplace.
Note that the cost related to its implementation can be reduced by the financial and / or tax assistance in force in France. Tax credit of 30%, loan at zero rate, reduced VAT to 5.5% or regional aid… do not hesitate to inquire in order to know the list of aid to which you can claim. Finally, be aware that in order to benefit from a 30% reduction on its work, some conditions must however be met. This system is reserved for all tax residents of French territory who wish to carry out work in their main accommodation as owner or tenant, without means test. Note that the accommodation must have been completed for more than two years and that it is essential to choose a company labeled RGE to ensure recovery of the share of taxes to which the person is entitled ...