5 tips to change your sofa without buying a new one

5 tips to change your sofa without buying a new one

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Dye your sofa

Has your sofa aged badly? Do not panic, whether in fabric or leather, you can dye it to give it a facelift. Today there are a number of fairly easy-to-use dyes on the market. The Ideal brand offers, for example, dyes that work in your washing machine, simple and practical. For those who are afraid of damaging their appliances, there are spray dyes at Creavea as well as pens and brushes that will allow you to personalize your sofa and its cushions. For leather, Alta leather offers several solutions that will allow you to change color.

Change the cover of your sofa

It's so simple that you don't think about it. Some furniture stores such as Alinéa sell covers in different colors which are perfectly suited to the sofas they sell. A booming market since some independent brands offer original covers. Bemz offers, for example, a wide choice that adapts to all Ikea sofa models.

Rejuvenate your sofa with new feet

A simple detail can change everything. The feet sold with the sofas are sometimes a little sad. To brighten it up, you can repaint it and give it a makeover or just invest in new feet. A service offered by the Pretty Pegs brand, among others.

Expand your sofa

Fancy a corner sofa? You just need to enlarge the one you already have by investing in a footrest. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer an original model or one that matches your sofa.

Furnish your sofa

In case your sofa is not glued to the living room wall, and if you want to change, you can simply dress it with a dresser or a pretty console.