What are the steps to obtain a zero-rate eco-loan?

What are the steps to obtain a zero-rate eco-loan?

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An owner wishing to carry out work to improve overall energy performance can apply for a zero-rate eco-loan (also known as eco-PTZ). If the approach is simple, it is still necessary to respect the principle of eco-conditionality, opt for work giving entitlement to this type of loan and choose a bank authorized to offer an eco-PTZ, one of the major measures of the Grenelle of the environment.

The RGE label: principle of eco-conditionality

First, obtaining a zero-rate eco-loan is linked to compliance with the principle of eco-conditionality, which consists of having very specific work carried out by an RGE company or an RGE craftsman. This label means "Recognized Guarantor of the Environment". It attests to specific skills and is awarded to building professionals specializing in the installation of materials and equipment that use renewable energies, and recognized energy efficiency renovation works. The mention RGE guarantees that professionals meet clearly defined criteria.

What types of work justify an eco PTZ?

The zero-rate eco-loan can be requested by the owner of a home whose overall energy performance needs to be improved. The energy consumption of a dwelling before work is to be carried out by a thermal design office. After analysis, the consultant advises on the work packages required to reduce the energy consumption of the home. The climatic zone in which the accommodation is located as well as the altitude are taken into account for a fairer appreciation of the energy values. The works must not be started before the eco PTZ agreement issued by the bank.

Which bank to choose?

Once the necessary work has been defined and the owner of the accommodation has chosen an RGE company to take charge of the work, all that remains is to choose the bank where to apply for a zero-rate eco-loan . It must be empowered to offer this type of loan, that is to say, have signed an agreement with the State.

Build a PTZ eco request file

To file an eco-PTZ request, it is essential to provide the bank with quotes relating to the work to be carried out as well as the standard Quote form. This form contains a part to be completed by the craftsman or the company and must be accompanied by the certificates established by these building professionals. The owner must also produce his last tax notice, proof that he is the owner of the accommodation covered by the eco-PTZ request and that it is his main residence. Finally, the date of completion of the work must be communicated to the banking establishment. The granting of the zero-rate eco-loan is not automatic. Also before making its decision, the bank studies the repayment capacity of its client according to the amount of eco-PTZ desired. The client's prior debt is of course taken into account as for any loan request. Before 01/01/2015, the bank also had to check the eligibility of the works. From now on, it is up to the sponsored company to certify this. On the other hand, you should know that eco-PTZ is not linked to any means test, unless it is combined with CITE.

How long will it take to complete the work packages?

If the zero-rate eco-loan is granted, the client has a period of two years to have the work packages carried out, at the end of which it will be up to him to provide the bank with the invoices established by the RGE company. . He will also need to provide the Invoices printout. These documents constitute proof that the planned works have been completed. Be careful however, the legislation is evolving quickly, find out about specialized sites like //