What work qualifies for the tax credit?

What work qualifies for the tax credit?

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The works and materials eligible for CITE must have precise technical characteristics. As soon as they meet the requirements established by the finance law specific to metropolitan France, they can give rise to a tax credit. Some equipment is designed for individual houses, others for collective buildings.

Thermal insulation

A distinction must be made in this category of thermal insulation materials eligible for ISCED: insulation materials for opaque walls such as the roof terrace, low floors and lost roof space, roof crawlers, gable or facade walls ; insulating materials for glass walls of the insulating shutter type with high thermal resistance, replacement glazing, double window with double glazing, window, French window, entry door.

Hot water and heating

Whether using wood or using various biomasses, hot water and low-energy-efficient heaters and heaters are potentially eligible for ISCED. The consumer therefore has the choice of having an RGE company install a boiler with a power of less than 300 kW, a condensing boiler, a gas micro-cogeneration boiler provided that its power for electrical production is less than or equal to 3 kV ampere. It can also opt for a stove as the only means of heating, a closed hearth, an insert fireplace, or a stove. For the production of hot water and / or heating, hydraulic water heaters, solar water heaters, air / water or geothermal heat pumps are also eligible for CITE.

Heating programming devices and controllers

In a detached house, it is possible to have a recognized environmental guarantor install certain central regulation systems for a dedicated heating installation. They can be fitted with either an outdoor sensor or a room thermostat. Thermostatic valves that allow the individual terminal regulation of heat emitters, systems designed to limit the power of an electric heater according to the outside temperature, are also eligible for the tax credit. These devices can of course be installed in a collective building which can, in addition, be equipped with a collective condensing boiler, systems allowing the remote management of a boiler room, the cascading of several boilers, the balancing of the installations collective in order to distribute the heat correctly between all the dwellings in the building. Condominiums can have individual meters that are also CITE-eligible installed, whether for domestic hot water or heating.

Other equipment

Among the equipment giving rise to the benefit of the energy transition tax credit, there are certain electrical production equipment such as that using biomass energy, wind energy and hydraulic energy.


Electricity production equipment with voltaic panels, or even energy performance diagnostics following a regulatory obligation, are not eligible for the CITE. On the other hand, replacement glazing with high emissivity is to be excluded.