5 ideas to change your sofa

5 ideas to change your sofa

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It often happens that one has desires for change in its interior decoration. Desires that unfortunately only rarely align with an unlimited decor budget. The solution is then very simple: it is often enough to change your furniture. To do this, you need to focus on the most imposing parts of your interior, especially the sofa. The possibilities are almost endless and will allow you to see your decoration differently. Here are some location ideas for you.

Use your sofa as a separation

When you have a large living room, it is sometimes complicated to delimit different spaces. As in the picture, you can completely use your sofa to separate the dining area from the living area.

Place your sofa in front of a window

By reflex, you never place your sofa in front of a window, for fear of hindering its opening if necessary. We then forget that it does not necessarily have to be placed on the wall. By placing, as in the photo her sofa right in the center of the window, between the curtains, we create a beautiful cocooning space.

Create a sofa corner

You don't need a corner sofa to use the corner of a room. Positioned in a corner, it offers a better view of the rest of the room and can sometimes save you space.

A sofa in front of the fireplace

If your living room has a fireplace that you do not use or that you cannot use, its framing nevertheless remains a beautiful decorative element which will be of the most beautiful effect if it is behind your sofa.

Framing your sofa

It is one of the simplest solutions. If one of your walls is covered with a pretty decorative wallpaper, placing your sofa on it will frame it nicely and will really delimit the seating area of ​​your living room.