Everything you need to know about baseboards

Everything you need to know about baseboards

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Inexpensive, decorative, practical, baseboard heaters offer many generally unknown advantages. investigated and enlightens you on this type of baseboards.

Baseboard heaters: how does it work?

The baseboard heaters combine convection, inertia and radiation to pleasantly warm the room. How do they work? The cold air on the ground heats up on contact with the plinth, rises and heats the walls. This then restores the heat accumulated by radiation.

Baseboard heaters, ideal for small budgets

Heated baseboards, also known as thermal baseboards, offer real budget savings. No need for additional heating, with this system you can save up to 30% on your heating bill.

Baseboard heaters: diffuse heat

Unlike a heated floor, baseboards offer diffuse and homogeneous heat. Thus, the walls of the walls are never cold. Goodbye to cold houses in winter! Good to know: you can equip the baseboard heater with a wireless thermostat, to be installed on the wall for better management of the heating. Another detail, they make no noise.

Heated baseboards: good value for money

Another advantage is that this heating system is healthy. Since it does not stir the air, it does not move dust. It maintains a humidity level of 50 to 60%. It prevents condensation on the walls and consequently prevents mold. On average two times cheaper than a heated floor, this system costs between 100 and 150 € per linear meter.

Baseboards: 2 systems

You can opt for two types of baseboard heaters: hydraulic models and electric models. Composed of copper pipes, hydraulic baseboards work thanks to the circulation of hot water in their pipes. They are generally connected to a boiler or a heat pump. There are high and low temperature versions, depending on your choice of energy expenditure. Electric baseboards are made up of electrical resistors. The aluminum coating contributes to the diffusion of heat. The power emitted by these baseboards can range from 220 to 400W per linear meter.

Heated baseboards: a decorative asset

Unlike traditional heaters or radiant panels, baseboards do not take up space on the walls. Very quick to install, they remain sober and do not overload the room. Available in different shades and aspects (marble, wood ...), it's up to you to choose the ones that will suit the ambiance of your home!