The advantages of tiled plinth

The advantages of tiled plinth

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The tiled plinth: solid and practical

If you hesitate between different materials to make the one-piece baseboards in your home, know that the tiled plinth has many significant advantages. It is notably:

  • Robust. Indeed, the tiled plinth, made of a material that is both solid and impact resistant, is not likely to break and / or be damaged… even over the years! It thus competes with PVC baseboards and wood, much more fragile than tiling. and requiring special maintenance.
  • Waterproof, which is a very interesting advantage, especially in so-called hygienic places (bathrooms, toilets, kitchen) regularly cleaned and where water can flow freely. A great advantage not to fear humidity!
  • Easy maintenance: a mop and hop, the baseboard is cleaned. Another advantage: the tiled plinth also facilitates the maintenance of a tiled floor, and is therefore ideal for places of passage such as the entrance, the living room, the kitchen, etc.
  • The tiled plinth is also very easy to find, whether at manufacturers and large DIY stores.

The tiled plinth: an infallible decorative asset

Practical but also aesthetic, the tiled plinth offers many decorative advantages into a room. First "plus": it dresses the floor, and naturally embellishes the room by giving a real unity in decoration. It fits perfectly with the decor without overloading it: it all depends on the height you give it. If you mix tiled plinths with tiles, be sure to keep a consistency in the tones to avoid the big color difference. For example, black plinths with white tiled floors may catch your eye when you enter the room…

To give style to a room with tiled plinths, you can also try to create patterns by mixing different plinths of colors, or with particular decorations.

High in color, the tiled plinth can also take on different aspects: mat, semi-mat, shiny, varnished, spangled ... It's up to you to see what style you want to give to your decor!

The tiled plinth to enlarge a room

Recommended for small spaces, a tiled plinth with the same shade as the floor gives an impression of grandeur and height, it is unstoppable! The rendering, in addition to being aesthetic, will allow the room to be enlarged by creating an optical illusion.

For large spaces, you can opt for a colored tile plinth different than the main floor, to emphasize the outline of the room.

The tiled plinth in the open air

Skirtings are also invited outside: their material is often matched to the style of the terrace. If it is tiled, then favor a tiled plinth. It will hide the joint between the terrace and the house wall, hiding any imperfections. The rendering is then impeccable!

In addition to its aesthetic function, the outdoor tile plinth also has a utility function since it protects the foundations of the house. It thus constitutes an effective seal which prevents water from infiltrating and thus makes it possible to easily clean the terrace without dirtying the wall. With all this information, all you have to do is make your choice!