James, the new food processor according to Severin

James, the new food processor according to Severin

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Today, food robots are multiplying and finding a place in the kitchen of every home. Some are dedicated to baking, others offer so many functions that they become real kitchen clerks! This is the case of James, also known as James The Wondermachine, the new food processor by Severin. Discovery.

A complete robot

The Severin James KM3895 is an extraordinary robot that offers a multitude of functions. It is used to prepare a meal, to cook it or to indulge in the joys of pastry. To do this, the robot has 5 cooking powers but also a timer. It has a function for simmering and another for steaming. In addition, the robot grinds, mixes, kneads, emulsifies and beats. For sure to succeed all recipes, even the most delicate, the robot offers a manual function and an electronic temperature control in real time.

Adapted meals all year round

James, the Severin food processor, can make any type of meal. It can be used all year round! If you want to make healthy meals, you will love the blender which makes the best soups but also warms them up when you taste them. Thanks to the steam basket, you will benefit from a balanced cooking method for your vegetables, meats and fish.
For family meals, the Severin food processor is a must. It allows you to cook the best sauces and simmer many delicious dishes whether they are gourmet, traditional or from the kitchen. Finally, thanks to the James robot, you will make succulent desserts, breathtaking cakes, in short the best pastries. And if you run out of ideas, a cookbook is available!
James, Severin's food processor, is available in Boulanger stores. Its price is 500 €. The robot is offered with an assortment of accessories. It is aesthetic and very practical. In addition, all the elements are dishwasher safe!