Ecological renovation: wind turbine and tax credit

Ecological renovation: wind turbine and tax credit

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If domestic wind turbines are quite expensive to buy, they nevertheless represent an economical and environmentally friendly solution. These advantages encourage more and more people to install their personal wind turbine on the roof of their house. What aid is offered by the State? What precautions should you take before investing in this sustainable energy? The editor has investigated and told you everything. Discovery!

The tax credit for the rescue of domestic wind turbines

Good news ! Since January 1, 2014, wind turbine owners benefit from a tax credit under certain conditions. An incentive that invites you to benefit from a domestic wind turbine at a lower cost. To encourage their deployment on French territory, the government indeed offers French households the opportunity to benefit from a tax credit of 30% of expenses (excluding labor) and a VAT rate reduced by 5.5%. A significant saving when you know that their price fluctuates between 25,000 and 40,000 euros. To be able to benefit from this system, certain conditions must be met: - the domestic wind turbine must be purchased commercially or built by a professional - its installation must be carried out by a RGE certified professional - it must be installed to supply the main residence
The icing on the cake, having a wind turbine built or installed by a professional can give you additional aid, the amount of which varies from case to case. Do you want to know the conditions for obtaining and the amount of an installation? Do not hesitate to contact ADEME (environment and energy management agency), Anah (national housing agency) and your local authority to find out all the conditions in detail. according to your situation.

What precautions should I take before equipping?

For your wind turbine project to be profitable, several precautions must be known and certain conditions must imperatively be fulfilled. First of all, know that it is essential to have a clear site with sufficient land area and strong and regular winds. Indeed, the performance of this device will depend greatly on the site on which it is located. So before you start, start by analyzing the presence of winds. For this, do not hesitate to bring an anemometer.