"Bubble Houses", the new book from Heritage Editions

"Bubble Houses", the new book from Heritage Editions

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The book Maisons Bulles examines French futuristic architecture in the 1960s. The movement, now forgotten, was born at the time of a rejection of modern art. Artists and architects come together to create a world between utopia and futurism and create these famous bubble houses. reveals everything about this event book!

Constructions from science fiction films

The movement was born in France at the beginning of the 1960s, with the creation of the first bubble house in the Ain region by Pascal Häusermann in 1959. It only subsequently experienced temporary interest from the public. However, how not to think of the SF movies or the house of famous master Yoda in Star Wars ? If the universe of bubble houses is now common in films for children or science fiction, their construction generally remains autonomous. Indeed, since the 1980s, bubble houses have been mostly self-built.

From Pascal Häusermann to Jean-Louis Chanéac

Raphaëlle Saint-Pierre, architectural historian and journalist, introduces his readers to this almost supernatural architectural movement. She looks back at the origins of this current and its creators, like Pascal Häusermann but also his wife and associate, Claude Costy. Together, they decline for a decade the use of the concrete veil while working on plastic variations. The author then takes us into the evolution of this architectural style through the creations of Jean-Louis Chanéac, Jacques Couëlle, Antti Lovag as well as Henri Mouette and Pierre Sékely.
"Bubble houses, Organic architectures of the 1960s and 1970s" by Raphaëlle Saint-Pierre, € 25 from Éditions du Patrimoine