Should you dare the wallpaper in the kitchen?

Should you dare the wallpaper in the kitchen?

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Wallpaper in the kitchen: yes, but easy to maintain

The kitchen is the room in which you are most likely to stain the walls, it is imperative to choose aeasy to clean wallpaper. Indeed, you will probably subject your walls to grease stains, steam, splashes and others that can damage the wallpaper of your kitchen.

To avoid this and keep the walls of this room intact, you will need to opt for a washable wallpaper, which will allow you to clean it regularly (with soapy water) without damaging it, because it will have been designed to resist cleaning products.

Rest assured, as wallpaper is an increasingly popular coating in kitchens, there are a multitude of very aesthetic models! But do not forget to check this mention carefully during the purchase.

Wallpaper in a kitchen: what alternatives?

If you don't want to invest in a washable kitchen wallpaper, there are two other kinds of coating that can be easily cleaned and will therefore find their place in this room:

  • Vinyl wallpaper, a wallpaper that has a layer of PVC which makes it waterproof, but also very resistant to shocks, scratches and UV.
  • Non-woven wallpaper, on the other hand, is more or less resistant to humidity depending on its thickness. In addition, it is much easier to change than a classic model (it comes off quite easily), which can be very useful if you have visible spots on it and want to change it or if you get bored. of its color.
  • Heat resistant wallpaper, designed to withstand very high temperatures. It is to be preferred for splashbacks located above the hobs, or a section of wall next to an oven: no risk that it will be damaged!

Wallpaper in the kitchen: be careful to choose the color of the coating

Depending on the style of your interior, there are certain shades of more or less colorful wallpaper to favor.
For example, if your room has solid wood furniture (work surface, storage furniture, central island, etc.) or dark, highlight them with an off-white or beige kitchen wallpaper: this combo works every time !
The brightly colored wallpapers such as red, blue or green go very well with a rustic style, but can also enhance a modern kitchen by adding a touch of pep's.

If, on the other hand, your furniture is more minimalist, a patterned, striped wallpaper, very colorful or even with geometric shapes will bring volume and give an original look to your kitchen.
To enlarge a small kitchen or kitchenette, you can opt for a wallpaper with a pattern in trompe l'oeil, or let yourself be tempted by two-tone walls, for example with a plain wall section on which you will just put a strip of wallpaper of your choice.
Also think of the "reminder" or "blackboard" wallpapers that will nicely decorate a wall while reminding you of the recipe for a dish or on which you can write what comes to mind when you cook!