Before / After: A suspended bedroom in a 28 m2 studio

Before / After: A suspended bedroom in a 28 m2 studio

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We love this hanging room, a real cocoon with contemporary lines imagined by the architect Cyril Rheims. In this 28 m2 studio, the Parisian decorator has dared the bet of integrating a levitating cube so that the owner of the place can feel there as in a nest. His will was clear, sleep perched ... while remaining connected to the rest of the apartment! We are revealing to you today behind the scenes of an atypical project carried out with a master's hand.

Cocooning room

Before : When the architect Cyril Rheims discovers this 28 m2 apartment for the first time, everything has to be reviewed on the decorative side: the living room has been left in its own juice and features worn parquet floors, an unsightly fireplace and chipped paint. The owner of the premises, a young student, wants a sleeping area separate from the living room. The surface of the latter being large enough to accommodate a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom, Cyril Rheims begins to study the different possibilities of development. When the young woman evokes her desire for a nest and a "cocooning" bedroom, the solution suddenly becomes obvious: it is enough to separate the different spaces by means of a hanging cube: a daring bet that he has never done before!

After : Cyril Rheims was able to defy the laws of gravity by imagining an additional room in levitation, perfectly integrated with the rest of the stay. Its oblique configuration makes it possible to boost the volumes while promoting circulation between the kitchen, the bathroom, the sitting area and the dressing room. The young woman can sleep in a separate space from the rest of the apartment while enjoying the outside view! Another problem raised by the configuration of the place: its shape. This unusual accommodation has the particularity of having no parallel wall, a constraint that the architect had to take into account when rethinking the spaces. The shape of the cube therefore naturally respects the lines of the studio, which Cyril Rheims has highlighted with a series of graphic shelves. These echo the multiple openings voluntarily added to the cube: an aesthetic way to ventilate the bedroom space and avoid a "massive" appearance. Another tip: the height of the cube, deliberately adjusted so that its end can serve both as a table and an office. By placing a stool just below, the young woman can now take advantage of this double function carefully thought out by the architect!

Light on the bathroom

Before : The bathroom, located in a recess in the apartment, does not have a classic rectangular configuration. Its quirky angles, which echo the rest of the apartment, have been very poorly exploited. Result? Lots of wasted space for a poorly functional living environment. The room also lacks light and storage, two faults for which Cyril Rheims will have to find a solution. After : The architect knew how to take advantage of every corner of the room thanks to the tailor-made. The toilet area now includes a large shower, a designer basin and a multitude of storage spaces very appreciated by the owner! Cyril Rheims also opted for a skylight placed in the center of the room, which diffuses a beautiful natural light at any time of the day. In terms of decoration, he chose a mineral aspect tile to counterbalance the predominant contemporary style in the bathroom.