Before / After: Convert a three-room into a mini loft

Before / After: Convert a three-room into a mini loft

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The architect Cyril Rheims specializes in the arrangement of small spaces modulated according to his desires thanks to the systems of platforms, cubes and partitions that he creates himself. The architect DPLG has fun on each of his sites to build a bold, clever and colorful architecture with the objective of the well-being of its users. In this three-room apartment of 45m2, he chose to raise the bedroom and the bathroom to give them a unique theatrical effect, while promoting the space dedicated to storage. Demonstration in pictures.

Exploiting the ceiling height

Before : When the owners of this three-room apartment in Paris call on Cyril Rheims, the latter discovers a dull and unattractive accommodation. With its old-fashioned tapestry and its completely obsolete floor covering, the decoration is hardly attractive! Beyond a simple refreshment, the couple wants a total reconfiguration of their apartment which they do not find suitable for their lifestyle. The latter lacks storage, but above all a warm and functional living room. Very attracted by the loft atmosphere, the owners want a living space bringing together all the rooms of a classic apartment: kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.
After : A blush in the apartment, which has grown into an atypical and very friendly small loft. In agreement with the couple, Cyril Rheims decided to knock down the partitions separating the old bedrooms from the living room in order to create a unique piece arranged in an "L" shape. In one of the parts of this new space, he imagined a raised structure of 80 cm above which is now an XXL shower that faces the sleeping area. Multifunctional, this tailor-made platform allows you to optimize the storage surface thanks to the use of the high ceiling, important but not sufficient to create a real mezzanine. The couple can thus benefit from numerous drawers placed under the platform to store clothes and small everyday bazaar.

Separate without partitioning

Before : The two bedrooms are separated from the living room by classic walls: small and impractical, they feature a faded decoration to be completely revised. After : Cyril Rheims noted the daring bet of integrating the parental bedroom and the bathroom in the living room: separated from the living room by transparent partitions, they can be isolated from the rest of the apartment thanks to their ingenious system of blinds drop. The architect opted for a simple and colorful decoration, mixing different styles and tones. On the bedroom side, blue, thunderstorm and black predominate for a punchy and very graphic atmosphere. As for the kitchen / dining room, it remains more sober with its shades of blue. The loft is divided into two very distinct parts thanks to different floor coverings that visually separate the spaces. Solid parquet and cement tiles now coexist in harmony to the delight of owners!