How to feed birds well in the garden?

How to feed birds well in the garden?

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Winter is coming and the birds that have not migrated to warmer regions need us. Indeed, in the garden, it is possible to install shelters to protect them from the cold but also to make available to them what to feed them. How to properly feed the birds in the garden? How to choose the foods to offer them? To find out, we asked advice from professionals at the Maxi Zoo pet store near Angers.

When should you start feeding garden birds?

It is imperative to wait until the weather conditions are really bad to start feeding the garden animals. We advise to wait for the first frosts because before that, the birds manage to feed. It is necessary to stop feeding them as soon as the temperatures soften so that they resume their habits.

What should we offer them?

Several types of food must be provided in order to attract several families of birds. Seed mixes such as sunflower seeds for all birds, watermelon seeds for chickadees and melon seeds for sparrows should be offered. It is also necessary to provide grease (butter, duck fat, etc.) to complete. Please note, you should always favor mixes made for birds. Certain mixtures of seeds sold in supermarkets are salty and therefore more intended for humans than for birds.

How to maintain the birds' dining area?

By simply cleaning it. Once or twice a week, check the food supply and supplement if necessary. Clean up but don't use household products that will scare away birds instead of preserving them. Do not mix the elements. Place each type of seed in different containers and space these containers to allow several idlers to enjoy them freely.

Where to place bird food?

It depends on the type of food. The seeds are placed in feeders or are launched directly on the ground. If you opt for balls or sticks, place them high in the trees for example. Be aware that after a few weeks, you can place food near a window. Young and old will be able to admire the winter birds.

Should we offer water to birds?

No it is useless, the birds can, if they wish, hydrate themselves thanks to natural water points like lakes, rivers or even ponds.

Is it essential to feed the birds in the garden?

Yes and no. France remains a temperate country in which birds can easily feed all year round. If you offer food to birds, they will make your garden their habitat and give a lot of life to your exteriors. On the other hand, if you don't, know that birds will find resources elsewhere, naturally.