DIY kids: make a piggy bank

DIY kids: make a piggy bank

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Here is an original idea to recycle plastic bottles: transform them into a piggy bank. Here, it's a piggy bank, but why not make other animals? !! It's up to you to get inspired by this small DIY easy to make to make the piggy bank that you like (or rather, which appeals to your children!) You can use large bottles of soda cut in 2, or small bottles of milk for example , but be careful with the diameter of the opening: some will only let the yellow coins pass while others will have a neck wide enough to let 2 euro coins pass! Personally I like the bottles which allow you to make cute little round animals (as in the tutorial below!) But often they have a very small neck… In short, it's up to you to see what suits you best! Let's see what you need to make a pretty piggy bank: - a large empty soda bottle - 2 corks - cardboard or slightly thick pink paper - 2 movable eyes - a pair of scissors - a news: 739781 cutter - a glue gun - a black felt tip pen - pink paint (acrylic or spray)

DIY inspired by the creations of the Mirror blog, my sweet mirror.


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