What lighting for a long corridor?

What lighting for a long corridor?

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Having a long corridor is basically not an asset. Indeed, a long corridor is often devoid of decor. It can sometimes seem dark, hence the importance of creating a bright and warm atmosphere to welcome your guests. Thanks to the use of suitable lighting, you can give this room like no other a crazy charm!

Wall, ceiling or light spots

Depending on the length and layout of the corridor, the lighting will have to be adapted. It is essential to choose a lighting that will enhance the space of the room. If your corridor is irregular and it is not long, we advise you to opt for spotlights that will bring the light continuously. They will give the impression of lengthening and enlarging the room while ensuring functionality and practicality. The spots are particularly recommended in homes with classic height, that is to say with a ceiling height less than 2.5 m.

Suspensions or chandeliers

If the ceiling height of your home and therefore of your corridor is more than 2.5 m, you can opt for another form of lighting: the pendant lamp or the chandelier. So you will favor style and decoration. You can choose between sobriety and eccentricity. You can choose a more localized lighting that will highlight a particular space. This option is ideal for narrow, long corridors and, in general, those where no layout can be made.

Table lamps

If you can, it's nice to place a lamp on a piece of furniture in the hallway. Thus, this atypical room becomes a place of life in its own right. In the corridor, the table lamps can also highlight other decorative objects placed alongside or a frame. In all cases, know how to adapt the lighting according to the space for a controlled and controlled brightness. Thus you will avoid plunging your long corridor in the dark or accentuating its faults.


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