My Decolab: a fitting room for your home

My Decolab: a fitting room for your home

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My Decolab is a site dedicated to interior decoration. Its specificity? Its 3D platform, launched in July 2015, works like a fitting room for your apartment! No need to call in a professional, you are your own interior designer! We tested and we tell you everything about this little revolution!

3D decoration arrives at your home

The site has set up a virtual tool, which allows you to try its 3D decoration, from a simple photograph of a room. The opportunity to visualize an interior atmosphere or simply to discover new ways to organize your space. The "plus": the tool is free and the video tutorial is very simple to understand.

An accessible and digital decoration

The 3D platform aims to be fun and interactive. For this, two photos of the living room are offered to practice creating atmospheres and styles. We drag the objects from the proposed catalog (including brands such as Habitat, Maisons du Monde, Kare Design, Made.com etc.) onto the photo and we immediately see the result. To have tested this 3D tool, the editorial still regrets the number of limited products and not necessarily rendered at the top.

Avoid disasters and compulsive shopping

But the real bonus of this platform is that this 3D test avoids making bad purchases and therefore disasters! It is also a new approach to interior design that empowers and engages us, where we sometimes prefer to call in a professional for more security. Another advantage: it is also accessible to all and opens its doors to beginners as well as to confirmed.

At the origin of My Decolab: a passionate interior designer

My Decolab is at the origin the end of studies project of Clothilde Nouvian, student at Sciences Po, who learned at his expense to fit out his studio of the time. How to visualize your furniture before buying it? Clothilde then thinks about creating a free tool, capable of trying everything at home before buying. My Decolab and its 3D platform are born!