Cooking utensils signed Cyril Lignac

Cooking utensils signed Cyril Lignac

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For over fifteen years, Michelin-starred chef Cyril Lignac has been delighting us with his refined recipes, a clever blend of French terroir and new cuisine. From the valleys of Aveyron to the hushed tables of his Parisian restaurant, the cook with a singing accent has become the leader of an uninhibited gastronomy accessible to all. It is in this same spirit that he is launching today his first range of cookware, inspired by the professional world. Imagined by the Chef in person, each accessory illustrates the precision and the essential requirement in the kitchen. Emulsify, blanch, brown, simmer, simmer ... the entire Cyril Lignac collection supports all cooking enthusiasts in each of their daily actions. And to make it accessible to as many people as possible, this set dedicated to cooking is available exclusively at Carrefour. On the occasion of this exceptional launch, we met the Michelin-starred chef, who told us about the secrets of a well-thought-out cookware. Interview.

How did your desire to create your own range of utensils come about? What was its axis of development?

C. Lignac: I had wanted for a while to create a range of cooking utensils because they are one of the essential tools of a cook… It was therefore a project that was close to my heart! Thanks to this collaboration, we are making it possible for as many people as possible to obtain very high quality pans at a reasonable price.

Which audience are your accessories intended for?

These accessories are intended for everyone, both amateurs for everyday cooking and professionals. It is this range that I also use in my restaurants.

What type of lights are they suitable for?

The range having been designed mainly for induction lights while remaining accessible to the greatest number, it was essential that it be usable on all types of lights. The utensils can even be used in the oven!

What type of pan do you recommend for which preparation?

I recommend the sauce boat to make beautiful sauces of course. The one I designed has a double spout suitable for both left-handed and right-handed, which allows to coat or pour without splashing. An integrated graduation system also facilitates dosing and the precision of preparations for all cooks. The conical pan is perfect for good, well-linked pasta dishes. Its shape offers optimal heat distribution to enhance the preparation of whipped sauces, casseroles and water baths. The rounded interior of the container is ideal for whipping and stirring more easily ... It is also the one I use the most, almost every Sunday in my kitchen when I cook myself. The third utensil that I never part with is the grill pan, ideal for searing and grilling pieces of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables without fat. The streaks at the bottom of the pan prevent food from coming into contact with their juices to combine perfect searing and tender cooking. The two pouring spouts allow you to collect the cooking juices to create sauces full of flavor.

What are the criteria to take into account before buying a pan?

We must remember to check the compatibility with the lights, without forgetting to look at the manufacturing equipment. Prefer to put a little more expensive to have a quality coating, which lasts over time.

Do you have any tips for maintaining them?

Always avoid using metal elements for stirring, as they may scratch the pans and therefore make them less effective. Prefer wooden or plastic utensils, which are less aggressive for the often fragile interior lining of utensils.

Are there gestures or preparations to avoid with certain types of saucepans?

Avoid cutting inside or using excessively abrasive sponges like those made of steel wool.

A complete and well-designed battery

The Cyril Lignac range consists of 11 utensils, 2 removable handles and 2 lids to meet all desires until satisfying the most demanding cooks. Design, functional and resistant, the collection imagined by the Chef has many advantages, which allow its users to design a thousand and one recipes every day! Designed in shiny stainless steel, this high-end cookware has a bottom of a triple thickness which allows a rapid rise in heat: its stainless character makes it a robust, stable material, which does not deform. In order to preserve the most delicate dishes, Chef Lignac has imagined three frying pans and a frying pan, with a non-stick coating of Teflon®. No need to add fat, which promotes healthier cooking every day! The use of the utensils remains pleasant and comfortable, thanks to their removable ergonomic handles which are fixed in one click. And to save space in the most cramped kitchens, all the elements of the line stack up…