How to organize the shared accommodation?

How to organize the shared accommodation?

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Although very fun and sometimes essential for financial reasons, living in a shared flat is not always easy. For each of its members to find its account, it is necessary to have a good organization. Who should do the shopping? Who sleeps in which room? And finally, how to organize the fair so that everyone feels at home? Here are some ideas you may find useful.

Room for everyone

Whatever the size of the shared accommodation, all of its members must be able to be there at the same time and have their own space. So consider investing in as many seats as there are roommates. If the living room is large enough, you can opt for two sofas, the Klippan model by Ikea, for example, costs only 199 euros. If it is not, settle for a single sofa to which can be added one or two colored poufs which will add a touch of cheerfulness to the room. Also remember to bring small coffee tables, inexpensive in some stores. The ones you can see in the picture are on sale from 6.99 euros at Ikea.
If your shared accommodation is too small, you can also opt for several armchairs, one per roommate, gathered around small low tables for a cocoon effect. The Stockholm swivel armchairs seen in the photo are available at Ikea for 369 euros. You can easily find them at lower prices in the same store as well as at all the sellers of classic furniture such as Alinéa, Maisons du Monde or BUT.

A dining area

If your kitchen does not allow the installation of a dining area, it will be necessary to include one in the living room. Consider investing in a dining table that can accommodate all members of the shared apartment at the same time. To avoid unnecessary clutter in the room, opt for an extendable table that will allow you to receive friends. Apart from meals, this table can be used as a workspace for everyone.

Storage, always storage

Each his books, each his DVDs ... It is therefore essential that everyone has their own storage space in the living room. For this, it is enough to install a shelf large enough so that at least one floor or a locker is specific to each member of the shared accommodation. As in the pictures, the shelves can be placed behind the dining table or on either side of the television. The shelves, if their size allows, can also serve as decorative space. You can, for example, highlight one or two pretty trinkets or a bouquet of flowers.
For more information: Ikea, Alinéa and Maisons du Monde.