How to organize housework

How to organize housework

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In recent years, co-location has become a real social phenomenon, emulating students and young adults. Made popular by L'Auberge Espagnole and the Friends series, it is acclaimed for the human experience even if it is above all motivated by budget imperatives. On paper, living in community has many advantages that do not always reflect the reality of everyday life: the fridge, bills or even cleaning can quickly become sources of conflict! A good organization is therefore essential so that the apartment or the house remains pleasant to live in. Today gives you some tips to facilitate the distribution of household tasks and transform your roommate into a clean and friendly little paradise!

Everyone gets started!

When cleaning your interior, the most important rule to follow can be summed up in one word: equity. If the roommates do not respect a minimum of discipline, the atmosphere can quickly turn sour… It is essential that everyone invests equally in the community so that the tasks are well distributed among all. A feeling of injustice can quickly happen, so do not hesitate to gently remind the rules from the first slip, so as not to allow the bitterness to intensify over time. Good discipline combined with perfectly organized daily organization will save you a lot of arguments and bickering!

Establish a schedule of cleaning tours

Who's next ? Who washes what? Cleaning every day, every week or every month?… It's up to you to find your rhythm, the main thing being to set a program to facilitate the organization of the household and above all to prevent your interior from becoming a real shambles. An often winning technique is to define a schedule with tours for each. You will take turns taking care of the shopping, the dishes, the cleaning, the meal or even the trash cans. You can also divide up the household chores according to your preferences ... If vacuuming and shopping are more in your ropes than cleaning the bathroom, why not take care of it every week and leave your roommates in charge of the rest? In any case, it is better to play with transparency and frankness from the start by choosing together the rules of life. And, even if it may seem a little ceremonial and procedural, why not write them black on white and post them on the refrigerator? This system will avoid any personal interpretation, and will allow everyone to start on the same bases. You are free to exchange your chores in the event of an exceptional absence or vacation… without it becoming too recurrent!

Follow the rhythm!

Why not organize one morning per week - or every two weeks depending on your cleanliness requirements - exclusively devoted to cleaning the common areas? This weekly meeting can be an opportunity for all the inhabitants of the shared accommodation to meet together, in order to share household chores with music ... Everyone chooses their instrument (vacuum cleaner, sponge, window washer and rags ...) to transform the cleaning in a friendly and festive moment, if not exciting!


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