Brandt: A built-in induction table on top of a dishwasher

Brandt: A built-in induction table on top of a dishwasher

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You are running out of space in your kitchen, here is a very practical solution! You probably know the oven / dishwasher combinations, know that there are also induction hob / dishwasher combinations. The editorial team presents the Brandt model and tells you more about this new way of saving space for cooking. Wash and prepare simultaneously! The famous brand of household appliances Brandt offers this new dishwasher hob that will save you time and is especially perfect for small areas. With an AAA label, 7 programs and 6 washing temperatures, it will allow you to wash 13 place settings safely. These handsets are revolutionizing household appliances! They are useful for people who want to have all these devices without cluttering up.
Simplify your life and no longer be stressed during dinners at home. Economical and silent, this module also consists of a stainless steel or gas induction hob with 4 fireplaces in white version. Vitroceramic hotplates can be activated by pressing a touch button. Ideal for small spaces, its narrow design will find its place perfectly in your kitchen while remaining very discreet. So, if you are a student in a small studio or just have a small kitchen, choose this super efficient and space-saving device! Induction dishwasher DKH1310IX from 700 euros


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