The advantages of rock wool

The advantages of rock wool

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Rock wool is a sound insulator and a thermal insulator. It has a multitude of advantages which makes it an easy to use material and at the best price. Made from basalt, a material from volcanic rock, rock wool is a certified product. Its performance is recognized since it is used by individuals and professionals. Here is rock wool through the 10 advantages that qualify it.

Advantage N ° 1: An excellent thermal insulator

Stone wool is one of the best thermal insulators on the market today. In terms of technical performance, the thermal conductivity is between 0.042W / mK to 0.033W / mK. The thermal resistance is between 2.35 m2 K / W and 3 m2K / W.

Advantage N ° 2: The additional sound insulation

Rock wool is an excellent thermal insulator. It is also an excellent sound insulator which helps to combat noise pollution. A very useful double functionality, especially since rock wool can be placed on walls, floors and ceilings.

Advantage N ° 3: Several packaging

To facilitate the placement of rock wool, several packages exist. Rock wool is sold in the form of rolls and in the form of panels. The thickness varies according to the desired performance. Rock wool is also available in bulk. This format is particularly popular with building professionals.

Advantage N ° 4: An excellent quality / price ratio

Rock wool has a relatively low price since it is between 5 € and 10 € per m². The insulation therefore has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Advantage N ° 5: Simplified use

Rock wool is very easy to handle. It is a light material which is very easily cut using a cutter or a specific pair of scissors.

Benefit N ° 6: Safe

Rock wool is a natural material. It is made up of basalt, from volcanic rocks, limestone and clay. When handling it, it is best to wear protective glasses for dust and gloves so as not to injure yourself with the cutter or scissors.

Benefit # 7: Moisture resistant

Rock wool is moisture resistant. It can therefore be used anywhere in the house and without fear. It should be noted that even if it has been wet, the rock wool regains its performance.

Advantage N ° 8: Resistant to insects and thermites

This advantage is not negligible! Rock wool is resistant to insects and especially to thermites. It can therefore be used in attics or in the cellar.

Benefit # 9: Flame resistant

Rock wool is a low flammable material. This resistance to flames has led many professionals to favor rock wool in the development of fire doors.

Advantage N ° 10: An ecological material

Last but not least, rock wool is an ecological material. Made of natural materials, it is recyclable!


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