Before / After: A small kitchen with multiple shades of gray

Before / After: A small kitchen with multiple shades of gray

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Alexandra is a very creative young mother. Each month, she delivers on her blog "La vie devant moi" many decorative and DIY tutorials, which she illustrates with great talent and poetry. In her large Toulon apartment dating from the 1930s, the young woman carried out spectacular decorative alterations. Expert in DIY, she did most of the work herself, helped by her companion and her father for moving heavy materials and renovating plumbing and electricity. From the bathroom to the living room or the children's bedroom, all the rooms have been completely renovated and today feature a soft and contemporary decoration. When she arrived, the kitchen was undoubtedly the place needing the biggest changes… Alexandra entrusted us with all the stages of her makeover and her advice on how to transform an unhealthy room into a harmonious and functional kitchen.

A first facelift before the big change!

Before : When Alexandra and her husband acquire this beautiful apartment in an Art Deco building in the city center of Toulon in 2009, many renovations are expected. The water features - kitchen and bathroom - are invaded by mold and dirt. The kitchen, dark and old-fashioned, was left in its juice for several years: devoid of storage, it no longer corresponds at all to the requirements of an active and modern family! With its chipped sink, broken tiles and faded floor tiles, the room hardly makes you want to cook ... After : First step, separate from existing furniture to recreate a healthy and functional room. The old ceramic sink is eliminated in favor of a smaller stainless steel model, which allows the installation of a worktop under which Alexandra installs her dishwasher. The washer and dryer take place on the side, while the young woman integrates a cupboard in the space left vacant under the sink: the surface is now optimized and the room displays a nice contemporary look. In terms of decoration, the blogger decides to keep the old tiles, after having cleaned and treated them. The walls are repainted in ivory and brick red to bring a dynamic touch to the whole kitchen.

Chic and practical cuisine

New change a few months later… Alexandra wants a more sober atmosphere for her cooking as well as a more functional organization of space on a daily basis. Before starting new work, the young mother layers her ideas on paper: exit the red, place gray and neutral tones! The tiles, too rustic for the new decor, are hidden under a polished concrete-colored PVC floor. The walls are also repainted in gray and provided with storage purchased from Ikea. The new kitchen is accessorized in black, white and wood and displays an industrial atmosphere totally in tune with the times! A follower of DIY and customization, Alexandra brings her personal touch to decoration and accessories: kitchen furniture is adorned with pretty shell handles, the Ikea footstool of letters in factory style and the walls of slate panels! The young woman takes care of the details to transform her space dedicated to the preparation of meals into a cozy and functional room: with its new storage furniture and its appliances hidden behind a pretty panel of fabric, the room finds a new breath, promise of beautiful moments family sharing!