Before / After: Transform a living room into a child's bedroom

Before / After: Transform a living room into a child's bedroom

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When Cyril and Camille received this beautiful Haussmannian apartment as an inheritance, they had no idea of ​​the amount of work that this acquisition would involve. Dark and old-fashioned kitchen, freezing bathroom, tired decor… You had to inject a good touch of cheerfulness and freshness into all the rooms! Another major problem, their son Gabriel did not yet have his own bedroom… The couple therefore called on the interior designers Julien Toujan and Christopher Sörg to carry out a complete metamorphosis of the apartment, and transform the old room into do it all in a soft and welcoming nursery.

Bring any room back to life

Before : When Julien Toujan and his acolyte Christopher Sörg got down to renovating this 140m2 Parisian, the decoration had to be redone in its entirety. Cyril and Camille, the new owners, wanted warm and friendly living spaces, but also a cozy cocoon for their little boy. No room assigned to him so far, the duo of architects decided to create a dedicated place in one of the rooms of the house, which previously served as a dining room, guest bedroom and TV lounge . With its white walls and any furniture, the room was not really welcoming and lacked personality… It was therefore necessary to develop a soothing sleeping area as well as a play area for Gabriel from scratch!
After : The old living room, without a well-defined function, has become a cheerful children's room full of life. The room is sufficiently spacious, Julien and Christopher have integrated a small bathroom so that Gabriel can take advantage of his own toilet space. In terms of colors, the decorators opted for a palette of punchy blues with 97% natural origin paints in order to preserve the air quality of the room. Only one part of the wall was tinted and the rest left voluntarily white to let the room breathe: the other colors were skilfully distilled throughout the room through small furniture and accessories, in order to echo the main wall.
The architects of the agency Julien Toujan have also opted for a simple decoration perfectly suited to the child: a comfortable bed for restful nights, pine boxes of various sizes within the reach of the little boy, a curtain with peas to preserve naps from natural light. The accessories - plush trophy, paintings and retro toys - complete the set and bring it a touch of originality!

A vitamin-enriched bathroom

Before : There was no bathroom in this large living room. Parents of little Gabriel wanted him to have his own toilet space in order to be completely independent when he grew up! After : The architects have integrated a bathroom adjoining the bedroom, closed by a sliding door, which has everything a large one: walk-in shower, basin and Leroy Merlin storage furniture. The dynamic is created by the alternation of white, gray and anise yellow tiles: the small bathroom thus remains sober and very functional!


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