How I saved my wallet: the kitchen table

How I saved my wallet: the kitchen table

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To prepare meals, dinner or as an extra space, the kitchen table is absolutely essential! But not all kitchens can adopt the same! Depending on the place, the desires or even the tastes, the chosen table should harmonize as well as possible with the rest of the room. It is therefore essential to ask the right questions, especially that of the budget. Because yes, prices can sometimes soar! This is the reason why we started looking for practical, functional, stylish kitchen tables and above all for less than 200 euros. First of all, know that the table that will be perfect in your kitchen surely exists! Size, shape, style, the possibilities are numerous. But it is important to take into account the budget you want to devote to this purchase before taking out your wallet. In small spaces, we advise you to opt for a table with extensions to unfold it when you need its full length. If you only need a small corner to take meals, opt instead for a wall shelf that really does not take up space. In a larger room, you can turn to high tables that you will accompany with bar stools. Ideal for meals on the go or for breakfast. Finally, if you have enough space to devote to a beautiful table, do not hesitate and install a square, round or even rectangular table in the heart of the room.
1. The SPRING white rubber tree round table, € 99.99 from Maisons du Monde / 2. The Oblong table and two FLIPP extensions, € 59.90 from Conforama / 3. The PRATIK extendable table, € 149 from Auchan / 4. The LERHAMN tinted table, € 59 at Ikea / 5. The wall table with flaps BJURSTA, € 45 at Ikea / 6. The round table RUBEN Wengé, € 144.39 at BUT / 7. The high dining table Bonnie, € 199 at Alinéa


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